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Hey There, I'm Amy
And I Read Auras ....

Aura readings offer a rich tapestry of information about your past, present and future, and provide support when making decisions regarding anything from love to life path choices.


With these readings, I hope to help you find healing from challenges, and breakthrough limited belief patterns, heal core wounds with enlightened practices.


With Aura Readings, everyone can live a deeply empowered life when given the right inspirational tools, perspective and guidance.

Expect to hear personal, meaningful information and very recognizable next steps for your higher dreams and destiny.

My Journey from Empath
to Intuitive Practitioner

This is My Journey, where self-discovery and personal transformation are just a few clicks away. As a professional life coach and intuitive, I have dedicated my life to helping people connect with their greater intuitive potential. spiritual knowing and clairvoyance.

As an Empath I know about helping clients learn to use their intuition to make powerful decisions in their lives., and how to manage their aura and energy for greater freedom, self-actualization,  protection and empowerment.

In 1999,  I completed a formal 4-year training program at the Centrum Voor intuition, Haarlem, in The Netherlands- lead by Annette Vandenberg, an incredible and gifted teacher, and Carolina Boot the founder and creator.

 I since I have given professional readings for over 25 years to my clients.

I am a heart-centered human who genuinely cares about your happiness and success. I will help you navigate the challenges and struggles on your path, and show you how to tap into your own higher potential & talents.

And you will know it, too.

My Journey from Empath to Expert Practitioner has been fueled by discoveries.

Truly it has been an incredibly blessed and mind-opening  journey for me and those around me who have found their own path, powers and purpose, by living an inspired life.

You can have an incredible intuitive life, too.


Join in Clairvoyance Club, or get  a personal reading, and see for yourself how the world transforms with deep intuition.


Mystical Discoveries

"This is an amazing experience- I never expected so much awakening in one session"- J.B.

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