Get Unstuck

Finding Your Next Big Chapter And Getting Inspired

You have dreams. You have hopes, and a burning desire to move forward in your life!


To get unstuck, you need to see the next steps to grow and thrive in a way that is fully in alignment with who you really are.​ Why not take a little time to stop- and get clear on your next big chapter? Figure out what's inspiring a new, fresh vision and see how to get yourself moving again.

Maybe you're making some of these classic mistakes:

  • You are ready for your next chapter, but haven't made any significant changes in a long time. (and so maybe you’ve lost your confidence?)

  • Maybe you've been trying to make big changes, but keep hitting that "glass ceiling" and don't know how to rise above it.

  • Or maybe you have a dream you've wanted to achieve for years, and are painfully starting to feel like you're losing time.   Time that you can't gain back again.

  • And you just still feel stuck!

This reading is going to help you getting moving on your life path & journey. With new perspectives and fresh ideas, you can get unstuck

and move on to bigger and better things.


Let’s level up your next chapter!

Get inspired with uplifting and authentic iinspiration.

  • aAgn with your true self....

  • See what to let go of, release what is weighing you down.

  • Know which beliefs empower you.

  • Stop being held back by what is holding you back from moving on.

  • And feel the joy of reaching up and tapping into your own true potential!

In this reading, we’ll explore these questions:

  • What can I do to prepare myself for my next level up?

  • What am I doing to discourage healthy, fulfilling opportunities from entering my life?

  • What must I work through to lean into my unique talents, and transcend personal blocks with self-compassion?

  • How can I begin a healthy new chapter in my life?

  • How I can support myself better ... And so I can be fully present for others, too?

  • What energies do I need to attune myself to so I can level up my life and recognize my purpose when I feel centered and whole again?

What you’re getting

  • A 30- minute live session via skype or zoom.

  • Optional audio recording sent to your inbox instead of a live reading.

  • Details on the deck, incense, and spirit guides present for your reading.

What I need from you

  • Information on what you’d like your reading to specifically address.​

  • Please send a paragraph or two with the above information, and let me know if you want a live reading or video recording.

  • USING THE CONTACT PAGE HERE ... This allows me to provide a reading that is tailored to your personal questions and situation and to tune in as quickly as possible! I will send a Paypal invoice for the ($1000) payment after out session.

  • With much love and light, I look forward to working with you!



Get Unstuck Reading  $55-
for 45 minutes

“Follow your passion, it will lead to your purpose."

- Oprah Winfrey

How it Works

  • Use the CONTACT PAGE  and let me know what you’d like to look at in a reading.​

  • I will reply with times available for your personal session within 24 hours.

  • I use video-chat, but a regular call will work, too. Skype or WhatsApp or Zoom

  • I invoice using PayPal and Venmo, for your security and convenience. ​

  • In a hurry? I get it, just contact me for availability!​

  • Not sure? Don’t be shy. Go ahead and ask me anything using the CONTACT PAGE 

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations are accepted and refunded only up to 24 hours prior to your appointment. Just send me an email via the CONTACT page, to let me know you need to cancel, and I will immediatel refund your payment.


With Love and Light, Amy 

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