Are you an Empath, Intuitive, or Psychic?
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1. When it's time to make your dreams come true, do you...
2. You are at a cemetary. You are picking up signals all around you. Do those come to you as...
3. When you connect to people around you, you've noticed your subtle senses are really honing in on ...
4. You've seen a spirit! Which of your senses picked up on the presence of this non-physical entity ...
5. Your intuition is getting stronger. You've noticed that more and more, you're already predicting how things are going to happen.
6. You have just closed a chapter in your life. You notice an expansive feeling of intuitive guidance stirring up from within, that is helping you to get to the next level. You want to ...

You may display a high sensitivity in most areas of your life, especially when it comes to being around people. Its time to stop assuming you are just shy, and start tuning into the signals that people are sending. 

Try smiling and see if they smile back. Listen for questions, are they curious and trying to connect with you in a poitive way? These are signals that they are open to you and sending you vibes. Its up to you to determine whether its feeling positive or not, and more importantly, deciding what to do with that information. Need to spend lots of time replenishing and clearing your aura? Yep, thats what I thought.


Reading people is your thing. You pay attention to the people around you and take their ideas and creativity into account when making decisions. You are often very aware of what is going on in their head. Because you are so tuned in, you have healthy self-esteem and like to feel connected to others. Focus on staying grounded and centered, this way you wont be as easily swayed by others needs and will be able to sense more clearly whether it is useful intuitive information or just noise and distraction pinging off your antennea.


You are one psychic-mama! But assuming you have all the answers can backfire.  You may be projecting your own advice and past experiences onto what you are seeing, rather than tuning in fully to this unique situational moment. That means you can fall into the spiritual trap of thinking you must always know whats going to happen next. Be careful not to become obsessed with tarot cards, signs and messages from the universe to constantly guide you on what to do.

To get a more accurate reading, be sure to check-in with your vibes and inner truth. Develop your six-senses, yes, but also honor that new inspiration and unseen possibilities may pop-up at any time, too. You will become a trusted advisor when you honor that our individual choices and decisions must include some room for creative and unknown possibilities, if we are ever going to evolve as individuals and as a species.

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