Become An Intuitive Reader

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  • A professional approach to activating your intuition

  • You learn aura reading & essential techniques

  • How to clear and protect yourself from negative energy

  • Manifesting with the moon to maximize your personal power

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Become An Intuitive

(even when you think you're not psychic)

  • Practice reading for yourself and others in a relaxing virtual setting (at home!)

  • Activate your high-vibrational chakras and energy for bliss.

  • Learn how to start a reading, connect to your inner wisdom.

  • Overcome doubts by getting into alignment and knowing what to do!

  • Learn to properly close and clear a reading.

This is true intuition...

experience a step-by-step foundational training

for becoming an authentic intuitive reader.

Use professional, advanced techniques during this very unique intuitive experience:

  • Learn about readings and manifesting the life you love

  • Give & get energetic, ethical, intuitive readings!

  • Gain personal heart-centered insights and use your subtle sensitivity for healing and life navigation.

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How do you become an intuitive reader?

Have A Look Inside

The full moon READING circle


  • guided visualizations

  • aura & oracle readings from a place of inner flow and trust

  • law of attraction skills and manifesting practices

  • asking the best questions for transformational readings

  • align with your true self and hear guidance more effectively

Activate your Clairs, and Discover your Intuitive Abilities

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Practice GROUPS


You’ll break out into small groups to practice the methods and share insights gained which will strengthen your experience!

Guided visualization raises the vibration and adds an energetic advantage to using your clairs and maximize your range.

discover your mystical side

"What I Love About aura reading is you become a more intuitive person from day one." 

This journey will enrich your life in so many beautiful ways...

  • Letting go of doubts that hold you back from happiness and aliveness

  • Experience the true source of guidance, worthiness and nourishment within.

  • Giving readings, you quickly learn to trust yourself and your abilities.

  • Access your inner power to manage your energy and discover mystical side!

When we join our energies together as a group – we are able to experience a beautiful uplifting synchronicity of insights and  energy ...

And this is all with the help of an expert teacher who knows the terrain, and knows how to guide you to experience authentic intuitive readings.

I can help you become the intuitive reader you wish to be.

Say YES to your intuition! 

... and to this magical opportunity. I am sharing over 30 years of aura reading experience with you, sharing techniques that will take you to the next level, and fine-tune your inner compass.


  • Experience healing and spiritual guidance coming through you!

  • Gain professional tools for trusting, cleansing, and protecting your energy.

  • Learn to read people start to finish

  • Focus and get clarity to manifest your next chapter

In other words, these are ESSENTIAL ...

  • The foundational practices that every reader needs, to become an expert intuitive

  • And, you need to have a positive group environment to develop in

  • Guided by an expert who knows the terrain.


If this resonates with you,


Next Full Moon Session:

September 20, 2021

Cost:  35 USD

To be eligible for this workshop, please contact me describing why you want to become more intuitive, and how you would like your skills to unfold in a positive way in the future.

Once I receive your message, I will contact you in a flash with complete details and answer any questions you may have.

I am screening participants to protect the privacy and and integrity of the group. This will take 48 hours.

I want to make sure this is the best training possible. I am super excited and hope to see you there!

The Next

Full Moon Reading Circle 

Starts Monday, September 20, 2021

7 PM til 9 PM  (Pacific Time) 


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