Readings Via Zoom, Text or Email

  • One-topic Email or Text Reading   $35 
  • Full Hour Aura Reading on Zoom $77
  • 30 minute Biz Coaching $55
  • The Whole Enchilada* $100 Aura Reading & Healing Experience with Spirit Guides' Messages and Tarot 77 minutes.

 Who Else Is ...

  • Craving a fresh perspective on life.

  • Needing to make big decisions- right now!

  • Ready to unblock energy for love & abundance

  • Afraid of missing out on your true destiny

  • Searching for passionate, purposeful steps forward, but have felt stuck for a while now..?

Leave the Dark Night of the Soul 

and​ book an intuitive session today.


1- What's a reading? 

is a pure intuitive reading where I am looking at the information that comes to me all about your desired area of choice and how you go about actualizing your desires energetically.
A TAROT READING is a way to ask really sticky, detailed questions about a challenge you are facing, using oracle cards.
Both give you accurate past/present and future information, to help you make the best decisions regarding your vision and next steps.

2- Why is a reading helpful?
You have an extraordinary source of creativity within you to solve your own problems, however sometimes we are just too deep in it to see clearly -and need a fresh, OBJECTIVE or soulful perspective to explore options, alignment and authenticity. Readings serve you up a balanced view of inspiration, support and practical next steps.

3- Who are your usual clients?
Over the last 30 years, I have mostly had clients who are exploring their life path, career, and purpose from a deep and meaningful perspective. Doctors, education professionals, lightworkers, coaches, healers and readers - usually those who are making a big leap to their next chapter with an extra focus on happiness, relationships and true fulfilment. I help them envision their gifts, transcend a limited self-image, and send healing to their happiness and abundance blocks.

4- How can I make the most of my reading experience?
It's helpful to write down your questions to get greater clarity on what you really want to know and experience in a reading. You can send me your questions when you request the reading (optional, but I also love hearing from you!)
I will send an email Zoom link one hour before the session. 
 What happens during a reading?
On the Zoom call- You get to sit back and enjoy! I will do all the work. Part of the reading experience is feeling your energy shifting to spiritual clarity and healing as your soul becomes tangible and takes center stage.

5- What can I expect from the session?
I consider myself an empowering and compassionate spiritual advisor. I work with spirit-guides and have had many lifetimes of spiritual study and devotion to spiritual reading and healing.
You will be uplifted and embraced with acceptance, non-judgement and unconditional love.

6- What if I don't like the reading?
No worries! I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every reading. If you don't like your session for any reason- I will give you back all of your money. No fuss, no kidding.

7- How do I know I can trust you?
You know, if things are going terribly wrong, and you are tired of spinning your wheels and worrying endlessly, unable to see your way forward ... I will give you a reading that nourishes and uplifts your soul by showing you your own true qualities, gifts and next steps...
What have you got to lose?

8- How do I pay for a session?
I will send an invoice shortly after the session via PayPal or Venmo.
9- How to contact you with questions...
Shoot me a message anytime via the CONTACT PAGE !
Let me know what's on your mind,
and I'll get right back to you!

My readings are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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