Art Historian

I have worked with Amy for over a year and she is amazing.  Deeply empathetic, warm, and non-judgmental, she has helped me find a sense of peace through some very difficult times.  Her intuition is remarkable and she has had a profound impact on my own emotional and spiritual development. Having a safe space to work through the big questions surrounding life purpose, meaning, and relationships is invaluable and having Amy as a mentor has been a gift.  


Christine Guidera, Ph.D.



Yoga and Reiki Instructor 

Amy is amazing! I have been working with Amy for many years now. Amy started with helping me to become clear of my purpose and dreams in life, she then followed on to support me to make my dreams a reality. I continue to have readings with Amy as the sessions are so powerful that they keep me on my path, lifting my consciousness higher and achieving my dreams in a clear, high vibrational energy. If you are thinking of working with Amy I would not hesitate, it is the best investment you can give to yourself. 

Vayia Nafees

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