Visualization: The Secret to Radical Intuition Development

Updated: May 21, 2020

Everything you need to know about intuition development to expand into pro level readings. The language of intuition

Once known only to professional intuitives and psychics, the claires are the secret to increasing your intuitive abilities to new heights.

Your 6 senses, or clairs, operate on a very energetic level and are the subtle extensions of your five physical senses.

Your subtle inner senses are the only way to perceive and interpret unseen information. Information that is actually available to you at any time through your intuition.

By definition, in its most mysterious form: The clairs (or your subtle senses), perceive and conceive ideas, events and possibilities, without any way to explain how you know it.

You already experience your clairs when you are awake and when you are dreaming.

This is how you perceive anything from the past, present or future, your clairs are the language of your intuition. and without them, your typical day would be a chaotic influx of information that would be unorganized, unfiltered and overwhelming.

Sound like the sub-conscious mind?

Not quite. Your subtle senses perceive information and process it in usable ways before the ego has it's say.

Clairvoyance is subtle seeing.

Clairaudience is subtle hearing.

Clarigustiance is picking up subtle taste.

Clairsentience is the subtle sense of touch.

Clairalliance is subtle smell.

Claircognizance- your "6th sense" or simply knowing what you know.

Your 6 CLAIRS allow you to receive very precise information at a very subtle level of awareness, which accounts for those mind-blowing results in psychic readings.

Psychics are used to focusing the mind on very subtle energy and therefore have access to information that most of us don't look for- or ignore.

High-level intuition is used to access extraordinary information for problem-solving, creative thinking and accessing the unseen realms of information, whether awake or in your dreams.

Past, present or future.

By strengthening your subtle senses you learn a whole new language that will forge new ways of thinking and access to information that many people are kinda deaf to, and so miss out on an incredible world of ideas and opportunities.

An unfortunate underestimation of intuitive powers!

Visualization Methodology

Developing your inner senses is fun and easier with visualization techniques, and usually involves only four simple steps: 1. Relaxation: It is helpful to quiet your busy-busy (reactive) mind, so that you can hear the quieter voice of your subtle senses.

2. Asking your intuition good questions: Focus will help you navigate to the information you want to investigate. Use questions that the intuitive mind can respond to most effectively, so that you are "speaking the same language"

3. Being open to perceive: Receiving information through your clairs is easy with a bit of practice. Pay attention to what you see, hear and feel on a subtle level. Visualization is an excellent way to develop these gifts.

4. Interpretation: With the exception of claircongnizance (when you just know what you know, don't ask how!), The images and other information you gain through your subtle senses will need some interpretation to be of more use to yourself and your clients.

Much like looking at a dream, or a painting, you will learn to pay attention to information through what you are feeling, interpreting the color, shapes and other symbols that show up in the exercise.

This interpretation process develops intelligence and will change the way you see life, too. Not so black and white anymore!

After some practice, this step becomes more automatic and fluent.

Like learning a new language, perceiving the unseen is like French. At first you think about what you hear, see and feel- and make sense of it in your mind-, later your mind will do that more quickly as the neuro-pathways have already been established in your brain..

Why should you use your intuition?

Using your intuition accesses creativity, information and possibilities that you can't easily reach through the physical 5 senses or rational thinking. With your inner senses you can give your intuition permission to access information from a much greater range and this provides some amazing benefits:

Consistency. Because you access information with precise questions you can expect consistent results when you expand your consciousness.

Depth of perception. The mind is capable of much more than we currently use it for... that's a scientific fact. By incorporating the imaginative language of intuition, this ensures your insights are more nuanced with past, present and future.

No time wasted. Rationally approaching a problem (from a trial and error) means one solution does not fit all. Your intuition brings the entirety of your consciousness into action and considers your questions from multiple points of view simultaneously. The chance of making a bad decision is nearly impossible.

Focus on creativity. Traditional thinking can send you round and round in circles until you cannot make up your mind and are exhausted from analysis-paralysis. Intuition brings all of your focus to the exact issue and holds it up for your mind to explore with dimensions of ideas and inspiration.

By accessing your subtle senses through visualization you provide a mental-structure for your entire mind to be activated in ways that your rational mind does not typically do. With visualization it's super simple to get intuitive quality insights from day one. Rational problem-solving versus intuitive problem solving:

A: Rational decisions will systematically rule out anything that has not yet been experienced, measured or known, limiting the rational answers to what you have learned in the past. Having specific ways of thinking, without a lot of variation to the method or approach, creates consistent but repetitive patterns of fairly predictable results. Most people do this 99% of the time. B: Intuition is capable of grasping information in multi-dimensional ways, using metaphors, sound, color and story to communicate. Intuition uses more of the brain as it processes information to solve a problem, often resulting in optimized results, and new creative insights. The power of visualization:

A simple way to access more of your intuitive abilities and strengthen your intuition is through the use of guided imagery and visualization.

Below are few types of visualizations you can try when you're ready to strengthen your intuitive abilities and increase your range of skills.

The immersion visualization: Guided visualizations can take you on an imaginative journey to access intuition, nuanced information and energy available to you now, but often goes unnoticed.

Guided meditations are excellent for developing intuition because you can stretch and challenge your mind and perceive in new ways. Guided journeys usually begin by getting into a relaxed state of awareness.

Deep meditation: The practice of sitting in silence and observing thoughts.. Often inducing the Theta state, is the most valued of all consciousness-growth practices for thousands of years.

As you become adept at being aware and staying alert in a relaxed and subtle way. Deep intuition will spill over into your everyday life awareness- automatically.

Sub-conscious subliminal messaging: Surrounding yourself with positive affirmations, pictures of angels and vision-boards, or allowing only positive media to infiltrate your mind and environment will have a powerful influence on your intuitive mind.

By giving your intuition a nurturing environment, it will automatically navigate your attention toward experiencing more of those desired outcomes.

This is also true for setting the mood for your day with simple morning rituals.

Visualizing good things happening for you, seeing yourself accomplishing goals successfully, these are proven ways to tap into more of what your full mind-body-spiritual potential can do.

How do I get started with intuition development? The Secret: developing your intuition is easy with visualizations and guided meditations.

1- Simply go here to access my free step-by-step guided visualization on audio:

Hear Your Intuition Guiding You

Just enter your email to access the free 12 minute downloadable audio.

2- Listen to the audio in a relaxed state of mind and when you can be undisturbed for a few minutes of pure relaxation. 3- Write down your intuitive insights from the visualization and see immediately whether your inner guidance is valid and useful. Also, writing it down is helpful because we tend to forget these subtle aha moments very quickly. 4- Trust your intuition by taking action on your insights. Your intuition can become stronger and more accessible and practical in new ways. Use it to guide you in making authentic, original and entirely usable decisions.

By consistently practicing visualization, you will greatly enhance your intuitive abilities and over time, those skills and insights will guide you to even more potential and growth. Thank you for reading.

Access your free collection of intuitive exercises here

These are specific intuitive practices for personal development and inspirational uses.

Hi I'm Amy Norman-Foster I am passionate about expanding intuition to include a much broader range of skills than ever before. Join me for intuitive readings, personal coaching and development.

I aim to help you to find your vision and increase your confidence, happiness and personal gifts.

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