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Secrets To Energizing Your Aura's Radiance

Radiant Aura Tips

So you've probably sensed AURAS around you from other people.

And you probably also know that there are people out there who can sense your aura and who react to your energy without hesitation.

great! okay, you know that an aura is an emanation of your subtle energy but do you know how to strengthen it?

Keep reading and I will share my proven tips for energizing your aura so that you will feel, eminate and receive more energized with vitality.

The problem with subtle aura energy is that you can lose your energy in some situations, such as when you are affected by people demanding your attention and subsequently hooking into your energy.

All of which can happen on a daily basis, and leaves you feel so tired and irritated that you need to withdraw from the world completely at the end of the day.

Another problem is that there are times when you take on other people's problems and thought/ emotion/energy, only to notice later you are feeling bothered and burdened with thoughts and drama that don't belong to you -

Even worse, these unwanted energies continue to act like a dust magnet- and can keep attracting more and more of the same kind of low-vibrational stories and emotions. Over and over, until you are living out someone else's story and drama that you can't really do anything with.

Here I want to share with you my favorite tips and proven methods for energizing your aura so that you feel empowered and wake-up your own authentic, life force energy.

1- Ground your aura by taking a long walk.

Walking will connect you to your grounding and root chakra and it brings your energy into your bones... the most physical part of your being. The grounding walk should be long enough to clear your mind (so at least 15 to 20 minutes) and should be at a steady pace where you are breathing deep into your lungs.

Be mindful of your surroundings and observe what's happening in a light-hearted, unattached way. The aim here is to activate the root chakra, and by taking a long walk you can benefit many hours from this energy.

2- Going with the flow.

You can energize and activate your emotional body (and increase the sensations of overall well-being) when the emotional body is healthy and energized, you will easily let go of heavy emotions. It's easier that you think, though!

Impromptu, freestyle or rhythmic dancing, playing in the waves of the ocean- or a waterfall- or even better, just swimming, all of these flowing energetic and fun activities will charge up your aura and help you release emotional baggage.

The emotional body will become calm, flowing, spontaneous. bonus- this adds to your playful and creative nature.

3- Fiery focus and the astral body.

Mental energy is influenced by your vibrational surroundings (think people's voices, moods, and 'tudes), and by your own mental (thinking) habits.

For instance if you are in the habit of constantly worrying and looking out for what could go wrong, than you are feeding your astral aura with chaotic and jumpy mental energy, that you will feel it, and others do too.

in order to raise the vibration of your mental energy, give yourself so space!

Clear you mind, allow yourself the time to think more openly and calmly. Less pressure, more space. Breathe in wide open spaces.

The mental energy of the astral body likes very much to be grounded, positive and focused.

Look for the positives in every situation. Challenge yourself to find lighter, creative solutions.

Mentally visualize yourself as a confident, radiant and healthy person , even in your inner dialogues.

4- Increasing your aura's heart energy to create a better connection with others.

I love bringing the positive and loving energy to any situation.

One way to increase the vibration of your heart-aura is to rub the palms of your hands together and then rub over your heart center with the palm of your hand in a circular fashion. This stimulates the heart chakra with warmth and touch and will it begin to radiate more of its energy and so qualities into you Aura.

A second but important tip is that when you are speaking to others it's also important that they don't get so carried away with your good energy , that they drain it from you!


Visualize a bright symbol in front of your heart center between you and the other person (you can visualize for instance, a diamond) this symbol will help you to monitor your energy in relationship to the outside world and how it affects your aura.

5- Expanding your etheric aura.

The etheric body is a large ball-like energy that can expand outward many meters away from the physical body, or contract into a ball.

Especially sensitive to vibration, the etheric body processes and knows all sound vibrations.

Most my tips for the etheric aura have to do with singing, dancing and expressing yourself in words.

In my experience, dancing singing and laughing freely with friends and feeling at ease in friendly surroundings will help you to expand your energy - and take up more space- with optimism and personal power.

Tip: Spend a day in nature. The forest, ocean, mountains, or under the stars. Nature's energy can imbue your aura with additional clear life force energy.

6- Making your third-eye beam.

To energize and bring vitality to your third eye channel, you want to be open-minded and observant.

One great way is through (looking at) fine art, or reading descriptive books that trigger your imagination.

By far the most powerful trigger for my clairvoyant powers has been the use of guided visualization.

By stimulating the use of your minds-eye, you activate your 3rd-eye energy. You will begin to see things truly, and access t