Releasing Energy Chords With Toxic People

How to free yourself from chords and unhealthy attachments.

Memories are funny things they exist not only in our neural pathways, but also as energy stored in our emotional and mental subtle bodies. (Part of the Aura)

When we've had an intense experience with someone, an energy cord appears, and can stick around for days or even years.... keeping us in an unhealthy loop of obsession or oppressive energy.

The cord is keeping that person or event active in your energy, even if you didn't consider it a real relationship!

You can have chords forming after an intense experience, Such as leaving a relationship, having a traumatic experience, ...even when being bullied, manipulated or judged.

For Example

Say you had a nasty customer service experience at the gym...

The rude experience was so escalated that you found yourself thinking of it often, long after it happened. Anger, embarrassment or frustration haunts you for days ... or even longer.

It causes you to quit the gym, to avoid that tight nausea in your gut, or even to stops you from exercising altogether. Which creates a circle of shame, avoidance and unhealthy habits for you. Still, the painful memory lingers. The energy chord is still attached to your solar plexus!

You may recognize an energy cord as:

  • A conversation you can't forget, replaying over and over in your mind

  • Feeling worried about a loved one to the point of obsession

  • Getting a funny feeling around a person who always seems to be judging you

  • Someone who likes to gossip will often form cords to feel accepted by you...

  • Family members overly involving themselves in your life.

  • Someone who has left your life, but you can't seem to let go of completely ...

Energy chords can make you feel drained- anxious- irritable- and unable to move on with your own happiness and life purpose.

You are likely reacting to chords without even knowing it!

For example:

You may be unconsciously making day-to-day decisions based on the behaviorsthat others expect of you.


One way you can tell if someone has a cord tugging on you is by thinking about that person too often.

Chords drain your vitality in the present moment

They also have an accumulative effect- collecting similarly charged energies like a great big dust bunny, attracting more relationships with the same issue.

This could be preventing you from manifesting your highest version of yourself by being chained to the expectations of others.

Releasing Energy Chords Will Feel Very Freeing and Only Takes a Few Minutes to Do

More importantly,

You will feel at peace with the past, and start to attract fresh opportunities that are right for you.

Here's how to release energy cords:

1- Go within and get centered. visualize your aura bright and radiant around you.


2- Call upon your guardian angels to assist you in releasing the chords that attach you to others.


3- Notice if a specific person or situation comes to mind when you think of being affected by energy cords. Trust your intuition.


4- Speak (mentally) to your guides the following instructions.

Visualize your guides as pure light, clearing and freeing your aura from all energy chords.:

"Welcome my Spirit Guides!

Please assist me with neutralizing and releasing the energy chords between me and __________.

Remove all the dark, congested energy and blockages, into neutral light.

Give them back their energy and I will reclaim my own.

Once the chord is a neutral energy -dissolve the chords release them completely.

All expectations and judgments , stories and obligations are released as these chords dissolve into the light.

I release all energy, illusions and old baggage that has prevent me from feeling my truth, and joy and happiness. Thank you."


5- Visualize the chords are now dissolved, then fill up your aura with a beautiful shower of white light. Visualize light filling up all the gaps in your aura.

6- Surround yourself with a luminous boundary of healing and protection for your own radiant energy to manifest.

7- Hold a space of love and worthiness for yourself. Allow any extra energy to dissolve downward through your energetic roots. Come fully into the present moment with your awareness.

You can vary this healing process to suit your situation, for example

- Try smudging your aura with sage

- A good scrub in the shower with herbal soap

- Focus on your heart chakra, raising your vibration.

Hold space with compassion for your spiritual journey!

You will know it worked when you feel at peace, and energized or uplifted.


Thanks for reading,

Hope to see you soon, with love and light,


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