My Anxiety Shifting Toolkit- Shake Off The Stress

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

As Covid-19 rages on, we find ourselves more and more sitting at home. Thinking about our friends and loved ones, far away. Feeling depressed and anxious about the future... and unsure of how to feel better,

am I right?

We have all been there!

It is kinda icky but inevitable that our mind and emotions get cluttered and muddled with cycles of doubt and uncertainty.

Luckily, there are many ways to shake off the blues, and I will share what I know about shifting your mind to a more positive place.

But before I do, I want to let you know that if you are suffering alone, I know that seeing a compassionate and friendly psychologist can help you to heal the burden you carry, and it is highly effective in a specific amount of time, and I recommend it wholeheartedly -if you are suffering from ... well, a whole snowball of things.

Ok, so now for my energy- shifting tools.

These have helped me to shift my energy from anxiety, procrastination, depression and stagnation to a fresh, calm and clear state. Use them make a fresh new start and clear your mind in just a few steps!

1- Guided Meditations and Brainwaves.

Kelly Howell. She is the master of Brainwave technology and I have been blessed by listening her meditation audio recordings for over 25 years now(!). Love her!! She creates anything to do with meditation, subliminal programming, sleeping better, feeling energetic and confident. I love her work and she now has an app called Meditate.Me that is free and includes several mini-meditations. The beauty and magic of brain-wave music is that all you have to do is turn it on- your brain will do the rest ... effortlessly.

2- The Reset Loop.

I have a few walking routes mapped out in my neighborhood that I enjoy each day. One if them I call the "reset loop" because it is just enough time (30 minutes) and effort (one hill up) to shift my brain and body out of whatever funk it's in, and start a fresh line of thinking and feeling. You can look around and map-out your own walking routes. I have four in varying lengths and challenges. The exercise is great, and pretty much anyone can do it- for a healthy mind "reset".

3- Jump!

This is a very quick shake-me-up when you don't have time to mess about. When I'm procrastinating and feeling smaller and overwhelmed by my project, I put on some loud silly music, like ABBA (youtube) and jump up and down like a kangaroo for 5 minutes. Guaranteed to shift your mind into a more creative and free flowing state of alertness. You know it's working when you smile!

4- Shake it Up- Osho Style There's an awesome bliss-bunny trance dance meditation by Osho where you shake up your body to release blocked energy.

Start with shaking out your hands, (like you're shaking off water) then legs, then gradually the whole body. Just go with the rhythm. Relax, shake, and let it go!

Shake it out like a dusty rag!

After about 10 minutes, sit in meditation and enjoy the buzz for another 10 minutes. So much fun to do- put on some cool tribal music or search for Osho music on Youtube to accompany your energy- refreshing dance.

5- Deep Breathing- Full Yoga Breath

Reach your arms upward from the sides, to up, over your head and breathe in.... bring your arms down - (bringing the arms down deliberately to the sides) as your lower them: breathe all the way out. Rest a moment and feel.... Repeat gently but firmly a few times.

6- Call someone who makes you laugh.

My sister always cheers me up. I can get silly with her and she gets me. If you can't think of anyone you can call, put a stand-up comedian on Netflix for some uplifting laughter.

7- Release your insecurities into the arms of your guardian angel.

Although this may sound like it is way out-there, it is actually to method I love the best.

By visualizing my personal guardian angel protecting me, sending love and comfort directly into my chakras when I feel alone and lost, I have summoned a very powerful master guide to work with me.. I am not able to explain exactly how this works- some things we cannot know- but I know the feeling of peace and tranquility that accompanies my connection to this angel is comforting and touches my heart deeply with gratitude.

By allowing your imagination to guide you, your divine helpers can come to you when you call. Imagine that you are being healed, loved, accepted and uplifted with worthiness. Add flowing color and energy to your visualization- to facilitate the flow of energy. It works.

That all you need to know. Spirit will do the rest.

8- Aura Clearing Shower

I like to use eucalyptus, rosemary, rose, and other natural soaps with an herbal-type base to scrub up and clear my aura.

As I stand under the shower of water, I imagine my aura is being energetically cleared and I am expanding and shifting into a higher, lighter vibration in my aura. Et voila!

9- Bird-watching

When I'm very sad, I sit in meditation at my window with my eyes open. I've noticed that when I observe- being fully present- for the birds and butterflies outside my window, I feel a shift into a sense of wonder and gratitude for the beauty and perfection of nature.

This vibration is uplifting and brings my awareness back to my soul connection.

10- Read a Good Book

We read so little anymore! And I like savoring really good books!

There is so much more available to us now than ever before!

Go ahead and choose one book- and dive- in for half an hour.

Reading can shift you into a clear meditative awareness, that just means just being present in a relaxed and open way.

11- Visualize that you are being blessed and nourished by angels of courage and compassion.

This is a different vibration altogether, that can really give me the burst of energy I need. I call upon two angels to stand behind me, one hand on each shoulder to give me the strength, love and courage to do the work that is in front of me.

It is helpful to be very centered when you do this. Rather than being drawn into a battle with your task at hand, you are grounded and centered in your body. The Angels send a vibration of focus and ease to you, so that your energy- your abilities, your potential, can expand and flow in an easier way than before.

12- Write down your insecurities and worries and then write a response to your struggles from the point of view of an all-loving, all-supporting Higher Power and Purpose.

Research has proven that this is an effective method for managing fear.

Allow your inner voices to to be heard! Write down your perspective: first from the small, fearful ego... and then from the spiritually awakened perspective.

Shifting back and forth will release the grasp that the ego has on your mind, and opens your awareness up to a broader perspective.

And a final note:

If there is an area in your mind that resists and refuses to shift with any of these tools...

Stop, go within, and ask if this is the right moment to be shifting into a higher vibration for you.

If it is not, ask yourself what you need to best support yourself, and honor your own unique timing.

True self-care is the willingness to listen for what your heart loves and requires.

And that can be very different for each phase and situation in our life.

Listen compassionately, and hold space for your feelings as you are now. The transformation begins here, in the awareness of your wholeness and well-being.

If you enjoyed this, I am very glad! Please feel free to reach out to me to share your experiences and wisdom. I would love that!

I also offer aura and tarot readings. You can check them out in the Readings On Offer.

With so much love and light,

Thank you for dropping by!

Amy Norman-Foster

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