Trust isn’t always a big leap of faith. Sometimes you got to just take a deep breath and do the next action in front of you.

“Trust your gut."That's something we hear all the time. OK, we know we should be doing it,and we think we know that’s what we want to do, but:

We don’t always know what it is our intuition is telling us to do!

On its own, “ Trusting your intuition.” can be very vague and unsettling when you don’t know what the heck intuition is.

And so many times people will say listen to your intuition and what they mean is go with the flow, or just do what you always do. But that’s not intuition, either.

Sometimes we really need to hear our intuition in order to navigate important changes in our lives. And that means making decisions, taking initiative, and leading the way.

Deciding what direction to go in, making big decisions with big consequences, requires so much more than just going with the flow!

So in order to help you to start recognizing and strengthening your intuition you must start from the basics, and that is, Don’t just go with whatever, take action starting with what feels right to you now.

Not everything you’re feeling is your intuition!

Intuition can be recognized as:

  • Calm and Firm

  • Sensible and Do-able

  • Aligned with your Wholeness and Well-Being

We strengthen our intuition by taking it seriously

In order to get to know your intuition, you need to keep an open mind, and keep reaching for your best insights.

“An open mind" means not being attached to the outcome of the situation. The ego loves to control.

Clairvoyance isn’t about controlling the future. It’s about seeing the possibilities that exist at any given time.

Secondly, keep reaching for that highest, most positive solution. You will know the rightness of something by how it feels. If it feels right and gives a sense of relief, chances are, it’s your intuition in agreement.

Choose to make meaningful steps with what feels like the right direction for you.

Trust is about acting with confidence.

Having confidence means being comfortable with listening within you for the answers - even if you’re not sure how it will all go step-by-step.

 Standing up for your own ideas means giving more power to your inner voice- your inspiration, your talents and your curiosity.

In time, trusting your intuition through listening, within will build up your abilities.

Here are a few tips that can actually help you strengthen your intuition, and build a foundation for more intuitive life.

STEP 1- TAKE BABY STEPS Sometimes we are faced with big decisions in our life that have far-reaching consequences. This can feel very overwhelming especially if we think we have to make the “right' decision that will decide our whole future, right now.   But by taking little steps one step at a time, we can start to approach change as if going on an expedition of discovery. We navigate toward that destination, but may take a few turns along the way.Going one little intuitive step at a time is very powerful! DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE BABY STEPS It gives us permission to do just the next thing, and then the next, and then the next. Oh, and sometimes that means tiny, tiny steps. Like doing more research and checking things before knocking on the door. Trust is taking that step, you take it and see what happens! We all know that without action, we become too passive.Afraid to take risks in life. There are so many amazing and beautiful opportunities we say no to because we’re afraid to open up to new experiences. Our fear talks us out of living our lives to the fullest. Think about how it- How many amazing experiences would never have happened in your life,  if you had not actually dared to take those first little steps?

Trust is a feeling, an action and a vibe.

STEP 2- IT’S OK TO BE A BEGINNER We are often so afraid of looking foolish that we don’t let go and just go with it.So Afraid Of Making A MistakeBut if we are always trying to be perfectly put together ...How can we ever discover the deep unchartered waters of our potential?Dare to fall... get back up again ...fall better next time. Like a ninja. My #1 advice for staying in touch with your intuition is: Relax your body.Settle down, get centered in your body, and stay in the present moment. Sometimes all we need to do is show up and see what happens to have an amazing experience trusting our spontaneous nature.Intuition is not about controlling your destiny - It’s about being centered in the present moment, where all possibilities are available to you now.


It’s true that by using intuition we make better decisions.

We find our inner clarity. We experience the magic of life. Synchronicity, connection, momentum. Don’t get caught in the Trap of Perfectionism, or you’ll never find your inuitive voice that sometimes has very unexpected, unconventional and original ideas.

The problem with perfectionism is that it forces us to think very narrowly, and abandon our creativity. Perfectionism models our behavior after the way other people act, or the way we think it should be done.

My darlings, that can lead to losing yourself completely!

And what happens when we try living someone else’s idea of a perfect life? We feel fake and forget that learning from our experiences is beautiful and empowering.


  • Losing your way and life purpose

  • Loss of self-authority and spiritual freedom

  • Prizing other people’s opinions over yours

  • Trying too hard all the time

  • Feeling guilty about taking care of your own needs.

  • Feeling unworthy making your dreams come true

  • Becoming overly dependent on external circumstances to decide your future for you.

Most importantly, is that if you are trying to be perfect

and always doing things “by the book", you lose the opportunity

to explore your originality, turn lead into gold, and transform your own life experiences into a beautiful journey. Intuition connects you to the wonder and magic of life.

One intuitive step at a time, start building more of that trust and connection with true self.

Try this:

Come into the present moment. Listen to your heart space. Ask yourself, What is my next step?

How can I emotionally support myself while taking this next step?

Write down your responses and take action.

Watch the magic and synchronicities start to show up.

Amy Norman-Foster

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