How to Develop Clairvoyance: 3 Easy Exercises You Can Do Today

If you've ever been to a meditation class you might hear the teacher say that the meditation is sometimes just the beginning, the real meditation happens as it bubbles over into your everyday life.

Clairvoyance is like that!

You can be in an intuitive and insightful state of awareness as part of your everyday life by using your mind’s subtle senses, such as inner vision, or clairvoyance.

Shifting into an intuitive state of mind will get you insights and answers, but if you don't practice and recognize how it feels to use it "on-demand", it will still feel uncertain and doubtful - even if you are getting intuitive signals all day long. You won’t recognize what it is.

When you practice using your intuition consciously, you will discover how to easily create a life that is more aligned with your wholeness, well-being and happiness.

That's why practicing using your innner senses such as clairvoyance, creates a beautiful sacred connection with your intuition and your inner wisdom.


Whether you meditate, use journaling, go for walks in nature, do yoga, or have a glass of wine at the end of the day, it’s all about the state of mind and how you are able to access more your you consciousness.

The key is that shifting out of the worrisome primal brain, and tunining into your soul (or more expanded awareness) is where your intuitive abilities are- and that's how you can tap into your spiritual wisdom and subtle senses on a regular basis.

The best part of becoming a clairvoyant in your everyday life is that it doesn't have to be complicated, in fact YOu can be aware of your subtle, inner world in just a few minutes.


in this exercise you visualize yourself in a situation that you know is going to be challenging for your confidence.

You are going to do three things by practicing this visualization: 1- you're going to activate your Clairvoyance by using your third eye. 2- you're going to tap into creative solutions and ideas. 3- set the pattern and vibe for success to unfold.

Visualize yourself going into a situation in which you feel a bit shaky and could use more confidence. Add in the visual details, what will it look like, who's there, what are you feeling, what does it smell like...

Next listen to what others are saying in the scene. Or your own voice and thoughts. Now, think of three actions you can take that will allow you to move through situation more confidently and positivly in some way. These can be actions that you have taken in the past that worked well, or new ideas and actions. See yourself taking on and rehearse the scene in your mind. When you feel aligned and clear on the situation, come back into your body and write down a few notes in your journal.


Activating your periphrial eyesight can increase your awareness for subtle energy, seeing energy shifts, and even seeing spirits.

Begin by closing your eyes and shifting the eyes left and right a few times.

Then, open your eyes and focus to an object in front of you.

Now, shift your awareness to your peripheral vision (in other words be aware of what's happening around you) being mindful of what is happening for instance in your environment and around the boundaries of your aura.

Next, visualize a vibrant boundary around your aura, add radiant energy such as protection, positivity, confidence.

This is a very powerful exercise to do for two reasons: 1- Being aware of what is happening between you and your environment or people on a subtle level. 2- Visualizing energetic boundaries affects the situation directly, it also affects you feelings, your intention and your thoughts. The more you do it, the more powerful this technique gets.


This is a good exercise to do when you are relaxed and your mind is open and at ease, like early in the morning, or when you are relaxing just before going to sleep at night.

Give your clairvoyance an assignment:

to seek out the guidance and wisdom you need.

Visualize yourself going to a place in your imagination where you feel free and completely at ease. It can be in nature, or in a temple or your favorite place to go a be alone

.Imagine your guardian angel is coming to you as a ball of light. Your guardian angel is sending you healing, acceptance and love.

As you begin to connect with feelings of wholeness and well-being. You can ask your guide mentally for guidance on a situation in your life.

It can be a simple request statement such as, “Please help me find a solution in this situation or help me to solve how to move forward with this challenge."

Vividly imagine that your guide is hearing and blessing your request. Release your intention to spirit and come back to your body.

From your happy place, with your guide supporting you, gently return your attention back to the room.


The more you bring clairvoyance into your everyday life, the stronger your connection will be to your intuition, and your higher self. And from there, beautiful things will align with your vibration and go your way.

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