How to Be More Intuitive: Science Says Do These 5 Things

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Inside: Want to become radically more intuitive each day? Here’s a toolbox of 5 quick intuition boosts backed by science, plus an audio meditation you can download for facing any challenging situation -using your intuition and guidance from within.

The whole thing started when I was overcome by the Dark Night of The Soul.

Catapulted by an epic divorce, living in a foreign land, with no where to turn for help.

… it wasn’t that I was weak and lost on my own. It wasn't that I was a bad person.

The Dark Night of the Soul came to find me, somehow.

I’m not even sure what exactly set it into motion. Maybe because I was trying to be what everyone wanted me to be, the perfect lady-chef with a successful trendy restaurant – the loyal wife to a cheating husband – the feeling running through my veins told me that I was unable to live the life I had imagined for our family, for our future and happiness were now betrayed and gone.

It could have been that I glanced back to see me growing out of my old self, feeling this deep yearning from within to change my story, and that feeling was undeniable. It could have been my thyroid that was dangerously low.

Maybe all of the above.

All I know is that words could not describe the deep, nameless loss within.

The unmistakable feeling of soul-less wandering, feeling heartbroken and abandoned by the Gods.

Especially because, well, hadn’t I been doing everything I was supposed to be doing??

Being the good person, working hard, taking care of the family, building a business, always wanting to see the good in others.

And I thought I was very intuitive and spiritually tuned-in. So I should be ok, right?

Bonus: Download a free meditation and hear your intuition guiding you.

But Here’s the Simple Truth

If your goal is to use your intuition to predict what is going to happen 100 percent of the time, your goal is unrealistic. Nobody can know how to make the right choice 100 percent of the time.

Even after you try the intuition hacks in this post, you need to understand that there will come a time when you simply don’t know what is happening. You’ll be trying to make a big life decision when you realize you haven’t got a clue and it’s nowhere to be found.

Or maybe you want to decide on a new career. Or you suddenly lose your way while in a big change in your relationship.

You are not a failure. There are probably other things you need to attend to before moving onward and upward. Like sadness or anger.

But no matter how many intuitive insights and tools you put in place, you will encounter little obstacles to your clarity and happiness. Good news: that just means you're growing.

But you don’t ignore the messages of your soul just because you stepped into a big unknown situation in your life and you're feeling lost.

Allowing your intuition guide you will feel miles better and rightly connected to your inner self, than if you go on an addiction bender, lose your sense of self-worth, or look for another lover to tell you you everything is going to be ok. (Eat, Pray, Puke)

Not to mention that when you lose connection to your soul, the collective power of your whole being suffers.

Research shows that feeling lost and depressed can effectively block out your bigger vision and affect every other area of your life with low-vibe decisions.

Two Important Things Intuition Won’t Do

Before we get to the list of positive steps you can take toward your quest for your true self and intuitive guidance, we need to get on the same page with two important issues:

• Don’t try to simply deny that you feel lost or doubtful. Bottling up negative feelings just makes those emotions snowball.

• On the other hand, brooding isn’t always helpful either. Complaining keeps you focused on the problem instead of a solution, plus it takes you out of alignment with your intuition’s power and access to your higher intelligence abilities.

Don’t bottle it up, but don’t whine about it either. Um…so what can you do?

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How to Reset Your Intuition (5) Fast Fixes to Try Today

Above all, remember that even the most intuitive people have moments of feeling out of touch with their true center sometimes.

When you’re feeling a little soul-lost or even if you’re teetering on the brink of complete cluelessness, try these science-backed tricks to get back into your sweet intuitive flow.

I even made a handy little audio, which you can download below to your phone and help you to re-align with your intuition in just a few minutes.

Some days you might need one quick solution, and other days you might need a whole bliss-spa- mediation-retreat to find your inner self again.

At the time I felt utterly lost to the Dark Night of the Soul? The magic formula for me was number 1, number 2, and number 5.

Not only did I resist the urge to throw in the towel and blame myself entirely for my failures, but afterward I found new inspiration through yoga and intuitive reading training that awakened my soul and leveled-up my life! The people around me did not understand what I was going through, and even made fun of me, but I got the last laugh – because my life turned into a happily-ever-after and I became fully aligned with my soul.

Download: Align With Your Intuition- a 14 minute guided meditation in audio format.

1. Label Your Feelings

Use a word or two to describe how you’re feeling, starting with “I’m feeling…” For example: “I’m feeling sadness,” or “I’m feeling annoyed.” "I'm feeling guilty."

Here’s why this works: When you’re stressed, your brain – or more specifically, the amygdala of your brain – becomes hyper-vigilant. Goodbye calm, peaceful center! This primitive part of the brain interprets even the smallest of everyday anomalies as a threat.

But labeling your emotions with a few short words allows your emotions to be viewed as pat of you- not the entirety of who you are. As you make more space for your uncomfortable thoughts or feelings, you are more likely to be able to see the big picture.

Note: Stating “I’m feeling clueless” is better than “I’m clueless.”

The word “feeling” helps you separate the emotion you’re experiencing from your sense of who you are. It’s a lot easier to manage emotions when you see it as something you’re experiencing instead of something you are. You are not the Lost Boys from Peter Pan. You’re just feeling clueless and a little orphaned.

2. Take a Breather

To catch your brain from unleashing a full-fledged fear response, do this:

1 Breathe in for three seconds. Count out “one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand” in your head to make sure you don’t rush it.

2 Hold the breath for one second.

3 Exhale for six seconds.

4 Repeat steps 1-3 three times.

As you exhale, you may notice that you feel calmer. This is because this breathing technique stops your body’s stress response and lowers your heart rate.

3. Ask yourself, "what’s not working?"

Intuition is a rock star at seeing what is in alignment with your highest good and what is not.

When it comes to living an authentic and progressive life, look at the things you are doing that are not helping you to move toward your goal. Reframe the situation by saying, “It’s not helpful that I am spending more time with people that don’t believe I can achieve my dreams. What actions can help my situation to feel more aligned with my new chapter and support more growth and positivity?”

To be clear, the point of this trick is not to blame yourself for doing stuff that you know is not all-in with your goals. The aim here is to keep your actions in alignment with what feels good for your wholeness and well-being.

Note: Sometimes our “next step” is feeling emotions we truly need to feel. Don’t judge yourself for taking time and doing some healing – even when your goal is to move on, your next step might be to feel what you're feeling, otherwise it may keep popping up and blocking your clarity.

You risk introducing confusion into the situation when you don’t listen to what your heart is telling you to do in this moment.

When emotional stress is involved, your brain is flat-out incapable of learning from the situation until it is shifted. Emotions need to be felt and experienced for a few minutes with loving attention, because feelings are often are the seeds of important self-care messages that we need to hear.

4. Build Up Your Self-Respect While Walking

Remember number 1? When your brain is experiencing strong negative emotions, the amygdala (primitive part of the brain) comes to life. This overrides higher intelligence and thought processes and interprets everything as a threat.

To find your intuitive happiness, you need your amygdala to chill the bleep out. One reliable way to do that is increasing your self-respect. Get your serotonin flowing. Those are the chemicals that boost your brain's mood and promotes optimism.

Serotonin reduces the reactivity of the amygdala and can hit the reset button on your emotions, self-doubt and overwhelm.

Here’s a great way to re-set your intuitive focus and start boosting your serotonins:

Go for a 20 minute walk either alone or with a friend, and recall a time in which you accomplished something that mattered to you. Visualize the situation in your mind and retell the story out loud,. Recall how you took on the challenge and managed to get to your happy outcome.

The brain will release serotonins that will help you feel less doubt and more self-respect. Less depression, more optimism and courage.

5. Challenge Yourself to 5 Good Actions

Science shows that to change an old behavior, you need a ratio of five positive interactions to counteract one negative one.

If you’re feeling like your quest to get unstuck is not working, take five positive intuitive steps as fast as possible.

What counts as a positive intuitive step?

  • This could be as simple as asking yourself what you really feel like doing.

  • Pay attention to your own ideas- jot down a few fresh ideas on how to manage a specific challenge- go ahead and use your imagination to brainstorm

  • Do what helps you to feel more centered and grounded in your wholeness and wellness

  • Take bold steps, go ahead and take a creative risk

  • Get jiggy with it. Laughter, play and movement will boost your right-brain/left-brain thinking

  • Look at everything (including you) through the loving eyes of your soul. Write a letter from your Future Self

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