Healing the Past

Pain and heartbreak are an inevitable part of being human.

We all experience hurt at some time, and it only takes a little digging to find emotional heartaches still lurking in the unconscious mind.

Heartache can hold us back from taking healthy risks and meeting new situations with positivity and confidence. Holding onto the past keeps us stuck and can powerfully hold us back from discovering future successes.

Memories of painful past events show up in your aura as buzzing lines of resistance, an emotional barrier that is activated for instance when you enter into a new experience, that triggers memories from a painful past situation.

For instance, when I was a young girl we moved around (a lot)! 10 times in 10 years.

Each time, I went to a new school, adapted to new circumstances, met new kids. More often than I care to remember, I felt I was the center of negative attention. Being "checked-out" and judged. Rejected and teased.

It was a very precarious place to be in as a kid, and left me with strong resistances to being "too visible" and too noticable.

By age 17, I started to feel panic and self-doubt when faced with new challenges. These made it harder to put myself in new situations where I would potentially gain something but also risked feeling over-exposed to potential hurt & criticism.

This ongoing struggle meant my true accomplishments were often buried under self-doubt and fear of being hurt emotionally. The reality was that holding onto the fear deprived me of the confidence I needed to protect myself from future bullies.

Of course I wanted to be successful, and free of the pain of the past.

I definitely wanted to grow and overcome my fear of success, but it was all a painful mystery!

Always just out of my reach. I even began to think that some things simply could not be healed in my life. That I had to accept this as my karma, and that what I wanted to achieve would not be possible for me, no matter what I did.

Have you ever felt this way?

How do we stop sabotaging our own success? How do we let go of the past?

After much self-reflection I have determined that it is not my potential for success that is lacking, but the heartbreak of painful repressed emotions that I have under-estimated in their power and longevity.

Fortunately there are a number of ways to let go and heal the past, and here are a few key insights that were exceptionally helpful for me:

1- Ask, "Am I ready to let go of the past?" Is this pain, jealousy, anger, revenge (insert alt repressed emotions) really worth hanging onto any longer?

Simple and yet so essential. I have had many aura reading sessions with people who were deeply unhappy with their situation, but refused to say, "Enough is enough, it's time for me to take responsibility for my well-being and really let go of this pain!"

We can go on carrying our hurt and emotional baggage to the end of our days. But what is it getting you? Are you gaining the love, happiness and satisfaction that you thought you would? Do you need to be carrying this torch any longer? There comes a moment when we see that we simply want to be free, and it's time to move on with our life.

Only you can be responsible for what you feel. Getting past limitations means being willing to take back your power and do whatever it takes to let that #%^ go.

2- Be a spiritual safe space for your pain.

Many times in my life I have called upon my guardian spirits to heal me with love and acceptance when I felt hurt, lost and unworthy.

My spiritual allies taught me to become a safe space for me. When I meditate, I expand my spiritual aura and create this energetic place of love that is forgiving, wise and powerful. The result has been that I have a spiritual core ready and available for me to bring in my emotional pain, and the pain of others. A place where my story will not be shamed or ridiculed, where I will not fear being unloved. I am deeply grateful to my spiritual allies for this lesson.

3. Feel the feelings that have been denied to you for so long.

When I notice painful feelings rising that are blocking me from to my personal growth and life purpose, I have a practice for that. I allow my feelings of fear, anger or jealousy to have a voice.

I honor those parts of me as messengers. I make room for those feelings to be welcomed and accepted into my awareness, so that my needs can be met and my feelings be felt.

There are several ways to do that- you can write your feelings, you can share them with a trusted person, you can meditate or have a deep soul-centered conversation.

I now love those emotions and vulnerable voices within me. These voices have made me the unique and compassionate person I am today. Love all of your emotions. Especially the ones you were taught are unlovable and unvoiced, they will release you from shame.

Because of the little Amy who was bullied and abused, I am often a voice for the underdog and work at a shelter for others who need to feel safe and empowered. Because of my jealousy I have learned to embrace my ambition, and encourage my creative side to shine and take chances with new ideas. Because of my anger I have become an intelligent problem-solver and lover of true enlightenment.

Acknowledge your hidden feelings! Maybe you dance your heartache. Maybe you write poetry or stories to express your saddest feelings. Do whatever form feels right to you, but be expressive when you need it - and the expression will liberate your truth.

Heal the limitations that keep us from our full expression and creative self.

4. Personal growth requires recognizing your positive actions.

This is a huge power-booster that will break-through old patterns.

Keep a journal of your daily goals and accomplishments.

Keeping track of your achievements will build the momentum for success you crave, and will help you let go of the past that tells you you don't know how.

For example, say you've had this wish to find a partner and be happily married- for a long time now. But despite your best intentions, it just isn't happening for you.

If you are feeling isolated and blocked, make an appointment to share your feelings about dating with someone who cares, like a good therapist or friend. you may feel relieved to talk about it in a safe, non-judgmental space. A great goal to help you move forward.

Set daily goals to move you steadily into living the life you love.

What goals, you may ask? Ask your intuition, you already know what to do next. Just focus on one step at a time.

Most importantly, acknowledge the accomplishment of those little goals every single day.

You will soon feel a vibrational shift.

As you let go of that old pain and resistant energy you will come into the creative flow of making your dreams come true.

Acknowledge your accomplishments each day (or week) and get into the power and freedom of the present moment.

If you are struggling with a creative or emotional block, an aura reading can really help you to see what is holding you back, and what choices can free up your energy.

You can book a personal aura reading tailored to your exact situation with me,

via the CONTACT PAGE here on my website.

Don't be shy!- a reading can save you years of feeling stuck and hep you to grow into your potential in new and exciting ways.

Thank you for reading, much appreciated with love and light,

Amy Norman-Foster

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