Get the Most Out of Your Empathic Gifts

Empaths often have trouble finding their trueunique gifts in a fast-paced lifestyle.

Empaths are highly sensitive - especially when there are a lot of people around. We get prickled and stressed easily, from too much input.

As a result we start to believe our sensitive nature is more of a weakness than a gift.

"My biggest weakness is my sensitivity. I am too sensitive a person." - Mike Tyson

Which is a crazy mixed-up way of saying your ability to pick-up subtle information and manage it in a serious way is something we shouldn’t value.

But when we ignore our sensitivity, we could be subjected to the empath’s real weakness-

which is trying to fit in with others, and comparing our abilities with others who are less sensitive, even pretending not to be heart-centered, gifted and perceptive.

Consider how your own sensitivity to people, energy and emotion can be an amazing resource for your value, talents and creativity.

Your sensitivity is pointing towards your unique gifts both in the seen & unseen worlds.


“Love in it’s purest form, is a sharing of joy. It asks nothing, it expects nothing. Love is a spiritual phenomenon. Lust is physical. Ego is psychological. Love is spiritual.” - Osho

How could you develop your sensitivity in a way that actually enhances your life experience?

creativity - the ability to craft and combine an unlimited resource of inspiration

love - The ability to feel, understand and act from the deepest source of knowing and being.

nourishment - The ability to give, heal and nurture.

harmony- A sensitivity for getting energies to come together in a pleasing way.

problem-solving - making the best decisions, seeing intuitive possibilites, figuring stuff out, thinking from a highly intelligent process.

navigation - Allowing your intuition guide you, combining multiple factors into one direction.

communication - being gifted with both the art of listening and being able to talk to others with clarity and sensitivity for how it is being received.

intuition - the ability to tap into and use information that often goes unseen by others because of it’s subtle nature.

Developing our sensitive nature sometimes means we need to flip the switch and start seeing our subtle nature as a way to enhance our life-path, and develop our powers, and find our unique destinys.

Turn your sensitivity into your superpowers and gifts:

1. What are three ways your sensitivity has helped you in the past?

What have been the advantages for you specifically, being an empathic?

2. Think of a time your sensitivity has blocked you from being effective in the past. What role did your sensitive nature play? How did that work out for you in the long run/

3. Which area of your life could change dramatically, if you chose to develop your highly sensitive nature and potential in that area?

4. How would your life be different if you gave yourself permission to trust and strengthen your gifts as an empath?

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Thanks for stopping by!

With Love and Light,

Amy Norman-Foster

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