Fear vs Intuition- How To Make a Breakthrough

I've been through some epic self-sabotaging in my life.

Feeling stuck and not ready to move on

In a very bad relationship. allowing myself to ignore the signs he was cheating- but paying the price in the end.

Knowing intuitively what I had to do but avoiding that because it's too out there-I didn't feel able to see the best route for me.

The fear of investing my time and energy into a new direction that may fail, and look really stupid as I did it.

Feeling my confidence undermined and dissolving from the mind-numbing procrastination.

I avoided taking action on my intuition because of fear that I didn't really know what was for my highest good. Or the highest good for my family.

Why it matters.

The truth is we will never be 100% percent ready and while we are spinning our wheels in the same holding pattern ... Let's face it,

Time is passing us by and someone else will probably come along and do what you have been hesitating to do ....

Leaving you feeling defeated, insecure and regretful.

The difference between fear and intuition

when will you receive an intuitive insight, or idea, you feel a shift, a spark of enthusiasm and excitement that almost magically is drawing you into your imagination and the possibilites that await you.

. Intuition will feel clear and right for you.

It will feel in alignment with your values your qualities and your talents.

So what is fear then?

Fear is not intuition.

Fear is often just worrying- what other people might think.

Fear is basic instinct. The need to belong and be safe.

It's what we feel when we see a car suddenly speeding towards us.

More importantly, there is fear of the unknown.

The feeling that you are about to step out of the crowd do something different.

And OH, Crap! probably goes against what is familiar and known.

a Tell-Tale beginning of the hero's journey is when the hero rejects her call to action, and feels she's not the right person for the job ....later she must face her fears in order to become a greater more legendary version of herself.

New experiences are classic sign that you are on your journey.

If you are feeling fear.. you are on the right track!

The fear is the sign that something new is about to happen... and is telling us to get ready.

This is the kind of fear that we should never run away from.

Fear is guarding the doorway to our talents strength, and potential. I call her the Gate Keeper.

How the gatekeeper shows up. The Gate Keeps makes me feel edgy and jumpy.

I start procrastinating the exact step I need to take, and start unconsciously look for distractions.

Personally, I will reach for food and go power-shopping to put off leaping into new territory.

Another way that we avoid the stepping into our greatness is by over-planning and over-strategizing.

After all, most of us were taught to learn this way.

Use our minds, read a book... Over-thinking, "I have to do more preparation before I do that!"

We gravitate towards learning more, investigating more, which is really delaying anything from ever getting started.

How to cross the threshold into your greater potential. Managing your fear of new experiences will help you to successfully pass through the gateway from resistance and into fulfilling your soul's calling for growth, development and empowerment. 1_Fearing the new and unknown will always be a part of our thinking. Our brains are wired for it. Our DNA is programmed for it. But you can rise about the fears of survival and evolve by taking courageous steps that are aligned with your soul's happiness, gifts and abilities. 2- Having strategies for managing your energy can be incredibly practical and support you through taking that next step whether you think you're ready or not. Here are some of the practical ways that I have shifted the fear of the unknown and taken bold, intuitive leaps. Do It Like A Rock Star.

Every performer will tell you that having stage fright is human and natural.

Here are some ways that performers shift their energy to overcome stage fright, I use these myself to get past that procrastination and fear of bombing out : Listen to empowering and uplifting music Read confidence-building affirmations Laugh and look at puppies on instagram Meditate in silence for an hour Tapping Shake it out like you just don't care with an Osho Meditation Do some mindful breathing

Adopt a mantra, like my favorite: I've totally got this. as they say. "Feel the fear and do it anyway!"

As a Highly Sensitive Person or Empath:

Look for ways to support yourself emotionally, too.

  • Be kind to yourself and understanding that you are about to do something really significant.

  • Compliment yourself on your bravery before and after you've done something that demonstrates trust in your intuition and intention.

  • Notice your accomplishments at the end of each day.

  • Affirm your worthiness, talents and qualities. Out of inspiration and courage? An aura reading has your back!

You can book an expert intuitive reading with me to discover your path, power and purpose, using the contact page here.

Hope you enjoyed this insight of fear and intuition.

Calling all Light Workers, with Love and Light,

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Amy Norman-Foster

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