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A Tarot Spread For Daily Guidance (in 5 steps)

Your intuition is trying to tell you something!

Starting the day is hard enough without having to wake up to doubts and uncertainty.

Somehow even on good days, with best intentions to accomplish our goals and dreams, we end up getting distracted by other demands... and sadly end up putting our true goals to the wayside.

Starting the day with a quick tarot reading is a powerful way to remind you of steps to take to make your dreams come true.

No longer overwhelmed with directions and doubts, we can check-in each morning faithfully to our true and highest wishes and desires.

Here's my favorite 5 Card Tarot Reading

for navigating through the doubts and staying on track with my goals.

Card #1 - What important goal do I need to pay attention to?

Maybe you want to focus on a project, a relationship, or an ideal outcome, whatever goal you have in mind, focus your intention on it as you shuffle the tarot cards.

Card #2 - What isn't helping so far?

Here you want insights into what energies, actions or limiting thoughts have not been helpful to getting you to where you want to be. Whys the action not effective? Is it internal or external? Do you need to move slower or faster?

"Your intuition always seems to know what to do for your highest good, even when the world tells you otherwise".

Card #3 - What is my desired outcome?

I always look for my deepest desires, such as personal growth and healing.. This question has really helped me to evaluate the way forward, and actions to take that are right for me on multiple levels. This is a powerful way to connect to your destiny, your true self, and greater potential. Prepare to hear your soul speak.

Card #4 - What actions do I need to take today?

Aligning what you think, say and do will feel so empowering and right for you!

You can draw 1- 3 cards here to look for do-able steps to build your future on today.

Card #5 -What can I expect if I follow this guidance?

Lastly, knowing just a glimpse of how your future can unfold will build your life clarity and alignment!

I truly believe that if you have a deep wish in your heart, you are meant to have it come true for you.

But we have to be the hands to make it happen sometimes. Keep take aligned actions and embody the you that you wish to be.

What did I learn from doing a Daily Guidance tarot spread?

In short, this spread has boosted my intuition to guide me faithfully on my life path, and helped me to live in alignment with my highest intentions each day. Even when life threw me curveballs, I felt stronger knowing my aim and purpose were mine to claim.

No joke. It has also warned me of situations and people that were definitely not to be trusted, and helped me to re-focus on the direction and projects that supported most my vision and dreams.

Hope you enjoy using this tarot spread!

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