A Simple Way to Open Your Third Eye Chakra

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

When I was studying chakra psychology in the 90”s, I had this incredible shift and awakening.

What is the third eye?

what is a chakra?

What does your 3rd -Eye do, exactly?

  • Receiving Clear Inner Knowing

  • Understanding and Seeing Universal Truth of a Situation

  • Non-Attachment to What you are Aware of

  • Premonitions and Psychic Abilities

  • Reading Between the Lines

  • Seeing Beyond the Physical Reality (energy and essence)


1. look at a situation in the near future in which you would like to gather some intuitive signs.

2. With your eyes closed, visualize the situation gently at the level of your third eye and approx. one or two feet from your forehead.

3. See yourself there. Look for details.

4. Think of or receive intuitively, three words that describe what you are seeing. The vibe, the people, the space.

5. What is happening that is positive and going well? How would you describe it in color?

6. What can you bring to the situation that would make it go even better? (Confidence, Creativity, Peace...)

When you are done, come back fully into your body. Write down a few notes and keep them to compare to, after the event has taken place.

You can use your intuition to set intentions that will help you feel more balanced and aligned with what you want to happen any event.

I hope you give it a try!

With Light and Love, Amy Norman Foster

Founder of purely intuitive, and expert intuitive reader. My aim is to help you to boost and blossom your intuition in new and transformational ways. Including growing your happiness, confidence and self-worth.

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