A Beginner’s Guide to Clairvoyance

what is clairvoyance?
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"The Clairs”, also known as your six senses are how we pick-up information when we tap into energy.

The Clairs are the more subtle versions of your five physical senses, basically, only instead of picking up information through your eye-sight, (for example), you are picking up information through images that appear in your minds-eye.

The “clairs” or Six Subtle Senses, Are:

Seeing: Clairvoyance

Hearing: Clairaudience

Feeling: Clairsentience

Smelling and Taste: Clairgustance and Clairaliance

Six Sense: the sense of simply Knowing, spontaneously and inexplicably, the truth of something. Without any previous experience of it or any way of knowing otherwise.

And although we often think of psychic and intuitive abilities as being separate abilities,

that is by far the biggest misconception- it is all about what your mind is sensitive to, and how you use your awareness to gather information...

So if you are new to intuition, this post is going to offer a few definitions, and give you tips, on how to develop and recognize your “clairs”!

What is intuition?

Intuition is mostly experienced through your subtle inner senses. It means you are receiving information - picking up on energetic signals- and interpreting it in an intelligent way. Signals that are not perceived through the physcial five senses.

Some of the ways you receive intuitive information:

- a shift in energy or a sudden feeling comes to you

- an idea or vision or memeory comes to mind, which lends insight into a solution, or highlights nuanced, alternative options

- you may feel slightly daydreamy and get caught up in a vision.

- you are listening to and acting on what feels true to you from within

- Reading the energy in the room and being particularly sensitive to an environment.

- Picking up other people's thoughts emotions and intentions around you.

- You use your creativity and intelligence to maximize ideas and opportunities

You may be experiencing a high level of intuition in your life and not realize it's actually happening ...

Living with other intuitive people, or highly creative people, creates an environment for intuitive and psychic abilities to thrive. Like when you can read the enrgy of family and colleagues who live in close harmony.

When you hang out with intuitives, you become more intuitive!

What actually happens is that intuition is tangible too, on an energy level. Subtle enegy is a vibration that is familiar and easy to access once you get in the habit of tuning in to that frequency. Experiencing your higher chakras opening and being uplifted by your own wisdom is a natural consequesnce of being around a clairvoyant.

How to recognize and increase your subtle senses or clairs:

1- clairvoyance.

Receiving a flow of information through visions, images, symbols and dreams.

I began developing my clairvoyance as a child by listening to music and picturing the story in my mind. This is very powerful and fun exercise to awaken your third-eye! You can often receive messages from your spiritual helpers in this way, too.

2- clairaudience.

Receiving information through subtle hearing.

Picking up on other people's thoughts and hearing the words in your mind. Hearing messages when you focus on people or events. Hearing music in your head spontaneously.. that has relevance to the information you need to solve a problem, etc. . Hearing guidance that adds to the enrichment of the circumstances.

One way to quickly enhance your clairaudient abilities is by drawing a tarot card to answer a specific question, and then use your imagination to hear in your mind what symbols or people depicted on the card are saying, in words and messages.

You can also do this in situations where you simply focus the person you're communicating with and see if you can hear what their highest intention is, what they are struggling with, or how they want to be supported.

3 & 4- clairgustience and clairalience.

The ability to pick up intuitive information through inner scents and tastes.

I put these together because scent and taste often work hand-in-hand.

So I have this friend Janie and she has subtle smelling (clairgustence) as her superpower. She can literally sniff a person out. Ha! Combining physical scent and subtle smelling, she can tell a great deal about a person.

This is a super cool way to meet new people, too, and know if you're compatible with them or not.

You can pick-up on whether there are romantic, subtle feelings of attraction around you... and “sniff-out” if you're compatible or not. How awesome is that!?

5- clairsentience.

The ability to translate subtle body sensations and even emotions into psychic-intuitive information. 

Science has proven this a intuitive power that we develop from a very young age. even as a baby or toddler- we pick up on information around us through subtle physcial sensations. Not surprisingly, children and empaths are tapping into the feelings in the body to guide their responses.

Clairsentience would be like if you are thinking about going to an event, and you feel tightening of your stomach, or excitement, or nauseous, that information is intuitive signals as to how that situation is going to be, once you get there.

Body sensations and information about other people is picked up this way often unaware that its happening at the time. .. for example, maybe after spending the afternoon with a friend, you come home feeling drained, upset and strangely disturbed - without any apparent reason for it.

This would be your sublte sense of feeling energy- picking up on suppress information that the other person is carrying around. You have taken on without being aware of it.

6- The Sixth Sense claircognizance.

Inner knowing is just that. The spontaneous information simply is there. In your mind. All you had to do was look or ask the right questions, and you knew it. No fuss, just truth. My sister calls and says, "Amy Get ready, you’re going to give birth." Boom. Happened the next day. No argument there. Pure inner knowing. No need to explain. Yet more challenging to take seriously and develop as your primary gift. Inner knowing will often develop over time, as you develop your skills to a high level.

What can you do with your intuitive or psychic gifts?

We all have developed our intuition to a certain degree, and we still have the potential to strengthen and expand our abilities even more-!


Here are some of the ways intuitives use their mystical gifts:

- Tapping into your subtle senses when you write- letters, stories etc.

- Sensing energy and creating a harmonious, balanced environment.

- Healing modalities such as reiki, massage or other holistic treatments.

- Intutively communicting with people. You are a fountain of information, and a natural coach.

- Leadership, seeing opportunities, options and strategies as needed.

- Higly perceptive. maybe your super-power is observing people. Noticing the tiny details noticing how people communicate and behave. .... A great gift for and gathering useful and relevant information and helping people in many ways.

- Living a joyful life. Manifesting. You allow your clairsentient to guide you to positive experiences create a playful and positive environment around you where ideas and energies thrive.

- Being wise and having a growth-mindset. You may be claircognizant, simply knowing the best way forward in any situation. You can develop this is through simple, silent meditation. Inner knowing and clarity will open up and blossom into your awareness.

So here's an online workshop I recently created: for developing clairvoyance and defining your life purpose.

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In this 4-Step Program you will recognize your inner senses and get the practical steps you need to live a life of purpose and happiness.

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Thank you for stopping by!

In light and love,

Amy Norman Foster

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