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5 Ways To Become More Intuitive

There are so many amazing ways to use your intuition for personal growth:

- for guidance

- inspiration

- healing

-tapping into unlimited information

- increasing awareness and personal power

But for many people, learning to expand and trust your intuitive abilities can be confusing.

I mean, say you have a dream, deep in your heart and soul, and you know it's right for you,

but can't seem to reach into that specific guidance, energy or next steps you're hoping to receive from your intuition?

Well, you're not alone! Evolving your intuition is a new kind of skillset- It requires a subtle kind of sensing and awareness than your everyday kind of skills. But noteworthy is that every other type of learning and expertise is only possible because of your intuitive processes that happen below the surface of ordinary thinking, and help to make sense of even the tiniest decisions we make all day long.

Here are 5 expert tips on how to increase your intuitive powers, especially for those who are interested in advancing their intuitive repertoire.

As a professional intuitive, I have studied, stretched and expanded my range of intuitive abilities over several decades. I learned there are multiple ways to increase your intuitive senses, these are a good place to start.

5 ways to become more intuitive

1- increase your greater potential through self-knowledge.

When you are aware of your passions, interests and desires, you start to become increasingly aware of your authentic life goals or a sense of purpose unfolding in your heart. These are doorways to your greater potential, that are often built upon a foundation of skills and knowing from many other lifetimes, and therefore closer within your reach than you think.

However, many of us fear failure in taking on new and challenging experiences, and sometimes that means allowing our true dreams to fade away or betrayed under the pressures of our environment.

Facing your challenges and overcoming your personal fears will allow you to tap into your greater resources and growth in practical ways. Karma can be overcome through wisdom and right action.

2- Increase your self-esteem and confidence

To become more intuitive, we need to open our minds to new ideas, inspiration and signals from our inner self- and environment. As a matter of habit, we tend to settle-down into a set narrow way of thinking that becomes our comfort zone of who we think we are and what we think we can and can't do..

Using affirmations and positive thinking is a scientifically proven way to increase your self-esteem and overall happiness.

As you open your thinking to more possibilities and creative can-do attitudes, you become more aware of how your intuition is guiding you will steps to take in the direction of your goals. These next steps are often a bit of a stretch but very much do-able. When we believe in our own value and potential, the doors swing open and we are ready to take on the responsibilities and actions that create our reality.

3-Develop acceptance, tolerance, understanding

In order to evolve and grow into more of our potential it is inevitable that we must become more open towards others, culturally and in our circle of relationships such as with colleagues and friends.

By allowing others the space to be who they are and whatever they wish to be, we free ourselves to focus on our own grounding and expansion into the world of diversity and growth through richness of new experiences and connections.

4- Intuition and intimacy in relationships

As an intuitive reader and coach, I feel that one of the greatest areas of growth in my intuition and awareness has come through cultivating stronger connections with my loved ones.

When we allow ourselves to be loved and increasingly cared for- there is a great spiritual healing that occurs. Many years of hurt and lifetimes of betrayal can be overcome by the allowing of love to soothe our flaws and wounds. And giving love- possibly the most powerful path to spiritual wisdom and enlightenment -smoothes our rough edges, polishes our grasping egos, and allows us to become aware of tapping into our higher, spiritual potential in very real and soulful acts of kindness.

5-Intuition through increasing your sensitivity and subtle-sensing abilities

When you give an intuitive reading, or tap into your intuition on any level, you are doing so from the present moment.

One of the biggest blocks to intuition is that we are so preoccupied in our minds with the future or past, that we starve out our vitality and presence. Intuitive signals and information comes to you in images, words, feelings, sensations... more like music or art than abc thinking. To increase these feelings and savor the subtleness of our inner world, be present, aware and in touch with what is now.

The more you practice presence, the better you get at it. A quiet alert mind picks up the subtle sensations, thoughts and feeling of your intuition and enriches the current experiences in unexpected ways.

Below you will find an intuitive practice to increase your flow of inspiration and next steps.

Thank you for reading!

Intuitive Exercise: Overcome Your Fear of Not Knowing What To Do

1- Start by grounding and centering. Bring all of your attention to the present moment.

2-Think of a recurring pattern that you have been experiencing, a situation in which you notice feeling blocked or afraid of moving forward.

3- Allow your thoughts, feelings and images to come to you. See yourself in the situation experiencing the blocked feelings or actions that have kept you from achieving your desired outcome. Allow the struggle to come into focus, and listen to the inner dialogue that is limiting your progress, but perhaps helping to protect you in other ways.

4-Identify the key emotion or shadow self that is presented. What limiting thoughts are holding you back?

5- In your mind's eye, surround yourself with support and spiritual fortitude. Ask your intuition, what actions would I take if I felt safe, supported, valued?

How would the situation play out differently? Allow 3 impressions, actions or attitudes to come to mind and see how they change the vision and outcome.

6- As you come back to the current reality, think of and make a note of one next step that will help you move in the direction of actualizing your goal.