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I started giving aura readings back in 1999, mostly because I was obsessed with intuitive development, and all I wanted to do was go to spiritual workshops and go on retreats to escape the chaos of my life.

And because I had moved to Amsterdam and didn't have anyone to share my passion with, I started taking classes at a famous hippie hangout called the Kosmos.

So before I start talking about how intuition has radically improved my life, 

there is one way that INTUITION DID NOT HELP ME .

.. and that was: I quickly became wide open to too much psychic information -like a cosmic satellite!

 Being a highly sensitive person and an empath, this caused me to feel overwhelmed and vulnerable to the emotions, will and judgments of others.

When you start your training in intuitive development, it's easy to become radically overexposed to everyone else’s story blasting loud and clear around you.

BUT my problem was I would translate those strong vibes into signals that I should avoid contact with difficult people in order to live a balanced and happy life. When people were irritating to me, I would send them blessings and light. 

It took me long time to realize that my life would require managing the incoming subtle information more effectively, and not simply try to rise above it.


Once I started developing my intuition to a high-level, managing my energy became a means of empowerment, and the payoffs to being more psychic were so worth it!

Here, I wanted to share with you eight ways that intuition has changed my life forever. (In a good way!)

1- I “found" myself.

Exploring your intuition allows you to be an inner-explorer. By observing what you think, feel and do...you will gently expose and discover who you are. This has a happy by product of intuition... getting to know yourself so deeply and clearly that it becomes easy for you to see your passions and qualities in a clear light. Very handy if you have been wandering around for years, lost and wondering what you should be doing with your life.

2- I became the wise woman in the room.

As you become more intuitive, the people around you recognize your uncanny perceptions of what is happening.  You develop a deep connection to the universal mind.

As I began giving readings I gained credibility with the people around me. My life became a statement of this is who I am now and intuitive reader and guide. In time, I felt more easily connected to my inner guidance. and before long, that wisdom was being expressed in every area of my life.

3- I attracted my soulmate.

Through intuition I've improved being able to express myself in the truest and most unapologetic way. The coolest thing about being yourself is that you know the people you meet are going to be attracted to you because you've been clear and available to them emotionally. I actually attracted my husband this way. I first of all heard bells when I met him and felt so powerfully drawn to him before we even went on a date that it was easy for us to fall in love and never want to spend another day apart.

3- Intuition showed me I belong in this life. 

Sharing your true feelings takes relationships to a whole new level. When I was young I was cloaked in shame and shyness, unable to make connections with people made me feel isolated and out-of place in the world. My shyness was like a suit of armor that separated me from others. With intuition, I am continuously checking-in with what is happening with me. that kind of forces your mind to be present and aware of how this moment has the potential to be incredible complete and fulfilling all on its own. Not only am I comfortable with being full engaged and presnet for others, I can be present for myself as well.- a forgotten necessity in today’s disconnected society.

4- I improved my karma.

So this is crazy. By increasing my awareness of what I am aware of-  I began to make better choices in my life. I opened my heart. Simply put, I naturally began making better decisions in my life and my life circumstances dramatically improved.

5- I discovered a purpose-driven life.

By admitting that my life story was not defined by one idea after another. Or one shopping trip after another, I cleared the way for the more timeless qualities of my soul to show up. Being completely authentic and without greed, I was able to clearly and gently uncover my life purpose. Life purpose is not just something you decide on one day and start acting in that way (although it’s ok to start there.) It is part creativity and part destiny. It is the destiny part that started to show up, and keep showing up as i turned may attention to the deeper values of my life.

6. Intuition made me a better person

No matter who you are, you share your creativity and uniqueness with the world on a daily basis.

Living intuitively means being aware of and tapping into the best in yourself and putting that into action.

Making positive choices feels uplifting and nourishes to your soul. Being honest, compassionate and empathetic raises your vibration out of the dark night of the soul and puts you firmly in the path of your best life.

7 intuition is a powerhouse of creativity

like any creative profession, being an intuitive reader gives me the opportunity to observe big life challenges  from the perspective of multiple solutions and possibilities.  Intuition gives you the opportunity to maximize on ideas in accordance to your highest intelligence.

What is even more remarkable is the opportunity to look inside the minds of other people on a deep and energetic level, and see that deep down we are all have an incredible capacity for creativity iand problem solving. It flows and is active with energy. The more you tap into your creative mind, the greater is expands and deeper it can reach.

8.  Intuition is sensual.

Intuition is the direct experience of life - not only are standard five senses but our inner senses become engaged and highly nuanced with information. High Sensuality has magnified my capacity to perceive and experience life itself beautiful and unexpected ways. i don’t have to go sky-diving or mountain climbing to get high. Life is a powerhouse of sensation that enriches your life experience even in the most subtle of circumstances. Joy, tenderness, bliss, solace, openess, delight ... are subtle states of sensuality that become touchable through consciousness that surpasses and includes the “outer world”.

Think of what it’s like to eat a mango. Every mango is a little different. There is a rainbow of flavor to be tasted and the more you put your full attention on the experience, the richer that experience reveals itself through in your mind’s thought processes. 

There’s a lot of unknowns about intuition. Where does it start? where does it end?

But this I know for sure. Without fearless explorers we will never find out where our intuitive potential can take us.

 By listening deeply to our inner senses, and asking a whole bunch of new questions,

we will discover much more of what our intuitive mind is capable of.

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Hope to see you soon.

Amy Norman-Foster

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