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The first thing I notice when I see a clairsentient is the sensitivity and deep empathic abilities.

Emotional intelligence, the ability to pick up on and interpret people's feelings, and see the strengths in others...are beautiful gifts that can be developed to lead others in an inspired way.

The ability to feel (unseen) information and manage that information effectively, is the sign of CLAIRSENTIENT ABILITIES.

For example, ... a client of mine was standing in line, at the bank atm, with a friend on a Friday evening. A handsome looking dude comes jogging up to her friend and says, "Hey, H! How's it going?" As her freind is chatting with this guy for what must ave been just a minute or two... she is feeling... butterflies in her chest. a sense of alertness and time slowing down... a bell softly ringing in her ears.

This is happening ... all at once. She gets the feeling (out of nowhere) that she should really 'pay attention" to this guy. He seems friendly and nice... very approachable.

Fast forward to one month later and she is dating this man and they will marry a year later. Her prince charming has changed her life, and they truly live happier ever-after. (True story).

Feeling other people's energy is a natural ability - but that subtle sense of feeling can be developed into an even greater range of intuitive abilities.

Intuition is more than premonition! It is the expansion of your connection to yourself and your connection to The Source of Everything.

The power of clairsentience is an intellectual processing of sublte information.

You sense energy in your body and translate that into valuable, useful and creative information.


As an Empath and Intuitive Expert, I am deeply familiar with the challenges of developing your intuition. Learning to manage your intuitive energy as useful information turns your high sensitivity into a whole range of impressive powers.

Here are 10 of my favorite Hidden Clairsentient Abilities

(that you may have too):

1- You "read the room" and navigate. Notice when you come into a room that you are reacting to energy in the room, before you actually think about it. You sense the energy of people, and navigate your way around, in the flow. There is an advantage to this- a deep trust that you are tuned into being in the right time and the right place. Feeling what is right for your well being.

2- You feel when someone is hiding something. You know when people say one thing, but you sense that underneath there is a lot more going on? That's intuition. From a clairsentient perspective you may feel tense, awkward, confused, maybe drop something, stumble over your words. This is your body/feelings sensing something's wrong. (Often, it is a sign to walk away!)

3- You can tell when there's a spirit in the room. About two months after my Dad died, I was driving along at night and a song came on the radio that reminded me of him, for some inexplicable reason, I felt like he was telling me that he was sorry for leaving, and will always be here with me. (clairaudience). Then I got this feeling like a shimmer of energy going through my body, and I felt as if my dad was in the passenger seat next to me, radiating love for me. I could feel it in my body so strongly it was like my reality shifted. I knew I had had a true visitation. (clairsentience.)

4- You are very attracted to high-vibrational energy. As an Empath and Clairsentient, I crave being in sacred spaces. I am always attracted to cathedrals, stone circles, forest waterfalls, spiritual retreat spots, temples, music ceremonies, healing altars, you name it! I love the feeling of being near enlightened and spiritual energy. Who doesn't?... Like a moth to the flame.

5- You feel in your body when someone is telling the truth or a lie. Clairsentients are human lie detectors. This is especially true for mothers. Who have proven time and again, moms do always know.

6- You communicate with animals and nature. I consider this one of the greater gifts of intuition. It enriches our connection to life in such a beautiful and profound way, words cannot describe it. Deep, energetic connection to living beings is also an enlightening life purpose.

7- You are a natural aura/energy reader. Those heavy vibes people are giving off? The neighbors you are trying to avoid at the supermarket? Yep.

8- Intimacy can overwhelm you. But you crave deep emotional bonds! So let's just receive that for a moment: clairsentience is subtle and sensual. Like a lychee fruit. Clairsentients' make very intense and authentic soulmates. However, there is a dark side- we can also get frightened and overwhelmed by the strong emotions of others, causing us to retreat and withdraw.

9- You love fantasy a little more than reality. Feeling information makes you very artistic, very whimsical, creative and fun. The ability to translate sublte , unseen information into detailed stories can be done through many mediums- dance, painting, writing, etc. i love to sing my feelings out. Ever since I was I little girl, I've always loved the radio, and would spend hours and hours listening and singing to feel and awaken something deep inside of me.

10- You feel when your chakras light up! You feel fully into your life experiences. When you are a highly feeling person, you may be a bit of a bliss-junkie. (Or an emotional junkie of other vibes) You want to receive Fully the experience of life -in this moment!

You feel awakened, alive, and vitality when your chakras are open and receiving the now. This full-flow energy feels very much like joy, freedom, love, awakening, spirituality, full of health and happiness.



Clairsentients who are aware of their abilities can also QUICKLY develop their other clairs.

All it takes is a little training and focus, and you will quickly expand into more of your powers.

If you recognize that you are one of these highly intuitive souls, you need a couple things to manage your energy -and to manage the information available to you....

There are 5 essential tools you absolutely must know how to use in order to develop your abilities in a positive and life-enhancing way:

1- How to center your energy.

2- How to properly ground your energy.

3- Knowing which questions to ask your intuition when you are reading energy.

4- How to separate your energy from others, clearing, protecting and releasing.

5- How to "turn off" your open receptivity in a way that doesn't cut you off from your surroundings.

You can learn these tools in my trainings!

... thank you for listening!

Amy Norman-Foster

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