New MP3

Meditative Journey:  Meeting Your Spirit Allies

Who wants next steps, encouragement and guided answers?

This powerful meditation will connect you with your unseen friends- your angels, guides and spirit animals!

Let them bring you support, guidance and inspiration. Yes, ask for what you need!

You can use this 20-minute visualization

anytime you need new ideas, courage & next steps!


MP3 format- download to your phone for multiple uses.

What I love about it:

When I am feeling out of sync with the Universe this visualization calls upon the benevolent and loving support of my guardian spirits. Very often the days that follow become are sprinkled with signs, chance meetings and messages- that I am heard and supported.

Using these methods, I very quickly receive connection and guidance from my spirit guides- immediately and in the days that follow.

When I need to sort through options and  ideas- the guides can help!

When I need emotional support through the tough times- I call on them!

You will be amazed at the signs and messages you will receive when you meet your guardian spirits. Try it now in this relaxing 20 minute visualization.

Discover your mystical side, for a wee little price!