The Workshop

  • Advanced Intuitive Methods-

  • Become an intuitive practitioner -

  • Start Reading for Others- Foundational Skills-

  • Sunday, January 10th from 9 am til Noon.

Ignoring your intuition is like living in a foreign land where you don't speak the language. You always feel like you're missing out on something really important! You can see it and hear it, but you don't really know what's happening.

  • Stop Judging Yourself and Use your Higher Guidance

  •  Be an Intuitive Reader with an Ethical Code of Conduct

  • Take Steps to Get Clarity on Your Calling

  • Commit to Your Personal Development and Gifts

  • Don't let Doubt and Confusion Stop You from Your Highest Truth

You must get past these gatekeepers to enter the realm of the mystical.

Is it time to stop living an ordinary life?

Ignoring your life purpose will make things worse.

You may be experiencing an inner yearning, a gnawing hunger, that cannot be satisfied by the material world. You feel there is guidance and spiritual energy trying to reach you, but you don't know what that means.

You doubt yourself so much, that you keep losing your way into another job that sucks, another relationship that doesn't get you, and another dead-end decision that offers no outlet for your mystical gifts and doesn't honor your spiritual wisdom and self-expression.

Being disconnected from intuition means you end up wandering Lost, desperate and utterly clueless in life ... completely cut off from your inner compass.

And this, my friend is the road to Hell, if ever there was one.

But there is a way back from

the Dark Night of the Soul ...


is a rare opportunity to awaken your gifts


You will experience 1st hand: 

  • How to manage energy as information

  • How to increase the flow of intuitive signals

  • Professional methods that build trust and confidence

Heart Lock and Crown

benefit from advanced skills and methodology

This Mystical Quest

Workshop is for:

  • How to access intuition that is practical, accurate and meaningful.

  • How to manage the psychic information in an ethical way

  • How to start and & close a reading - essential energy practices for every mystic!

  • How to access spiritual support and guidance from the higher realms.

  • Passionate beginners who want to learn advanced techniques

  • Advanced practitioners who want to expand their methods and skills.

  • People who just love giving -and getting readings!

  • Curious and awakened souls who want to hear their inner compass guiding them.

It worked for me and it will work for you, too!

This is the way to learn the  essential skills needed to give excellent, grounded readings. If you are ready,
Here's what to  do next:
Click on this button 
  • It will take you to the application page.
  • You then answer three question about your motivation.
  • I will review the applications (48 hrs) and if we are a good match,
  • I will send you an email with the registry information and links to join the workshop via Zoom.
  • Here are the details:
- The workshop date: January 10, 2021
- The time: 9 AM to Noon (Pacific Time*)
- The cost:  137 USD
- Please note: Places are limited to 10 participants - in order to ensure the group will honor and hold space for the best possible intuitive experience. 
Heart Lock and Crown
This Workshop Experience is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: if you do not like the full workshop experience for any reason, I will refund your money- No fuss, no kidding. That's my promise to you that you are going to have an amazing and eye-opening experience.

During the 1-day workshop you can expect:

  • Step-by-step intuitive exercises from start to finish.

  • Receive support throughout the workshop

  • Activate your intuition with professional techniques

  • The highest ethical standards

  • A soul-friendly environment for authentic experience of your gifts.

Activate Your Abilities

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The workshop is on January 10th, 2021 and spaces are limited. 

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