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Full Moon Readings!

Explore your true path and get in alignment with your Highest Self.

Free online meet-up,

You can connect to the Mystical, the Magical, and the Intuitive in you!


This is a Full Moon Tarot Reading Circle

for developing your intuitive abilities and sharing your gifts.

Bring creativity, intuition and transformation directly to your sacred space at home.

This will be YOUR time to align and awaken!

We’re celebrating your future!


What are you manifesting in the month ahead?

Even when the world has gone crazy!

You can use the tarot to create a fulfilling, exciting new chapter in your life.

Will you join us to strengthen your intuition and reading abilities?

  • clear out the unwanted influences

  • call in new and fresh energy

  • define your beautiful, soul-centered life

  • Use energy to attract a heart-centered and abundant life?

Ready to become an intuitive reader?

Have A Look Inside!

The Full Moon Reading Circle...


Using your Tarot or Oracle Cards, Amy will take you through step-by-step intuitive exercises for a journey into your true potential...  awakening a life of meaning and spiritual autonomy. Make time and  sacred space to bring your heart's wish into your reality.


You’ll break out into small groups to share the insights, talk about the meaning and spreads and make new connections.


Meditations and visualization raise the vibration and add an energetic advantage to shift into new, brilliant insights and perspective.

The mystical life

Tune into your destiny!
Dare to live a life that you are crazy in love with! 
Co-creating with the Universe 
is exactly what you've come here to do! 

As you learn to co-create with the Universe,

you’ll see how failure and success is all about your relationship to yourself.

  • learn to let go of the things that hold you back

  • learn skills to re-awaken your inner joy and personal development.

  • Connect deeply to your intuition, learn to trust your own inner compass.

  • recognize, grow and expand your true potential.

When we join our energies together –  we tap into even greater realities of health, wealth, and happiness. 

With the power of the Full Moon Readings Circle,

we come into natural alignment with the Earth, Moon and Stars... manifest the life that dreams are made of!


  • Positive, light-filled practices for alignment and inspiration.

  • Connect with your intuition with a guided meditation.

  • Do an oracle/tarot spread for guidance for your next steps and true path.

  • Share insights and best practices with like minded souls.

  • Clarify what you want, what you are manifesting, and take charge of your future!

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