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Cosmic Sky

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Full Moon Circle

Reclaim Your Clairvoyance, Purpose & Wisdom


 Hi, I'm Amy Norman-Foster,
Inviting you to Come to the Full Moon Circle

I’ve been a professional Intuitive Reader for more than 20 years. My mission is to help you find your own intuitive abilities. Just as your heart beats when you listen, just as your dreams are revealed during rest, your intuition waits for your awareness and attention. Your intuition has the wisdom you need to navigate life's doubts and decisions in the best way for you. I teach people to connect with, and radically advance their intuitive abilities.. This is where your true inner qualities and potential exist..

   Five Ways You Will Experience Your Intuition

  • How to activate your clairvoyance and inner knowing. 

  • Understand your connection to your spiritual gifts & talents

  • Manage your energy, with professional  techniques.

  • Step-by-step methods to access your next level inspiration, and enlightened solutions.

  • Expand your intuitive range  with a deep-diving visualization

Cosmic Sky

Trust Your Intuition
Reclaim Your Clairvoyance

Trusting Your Intuition: Grow into the Next Chapter of Your Life

Sometimes we struggle to listen to and trust our own needs, wants, and desires. 

When an area of your life is frozen, just won’t budge or level up, no matter what you've tried...

You can use your inner guidance to find the way forward, even when walking the Dark Night of The Soul. 


There is a way to tap into what inspires your heart, your soul, your mind. 

Do you ever feel a bit purposeless? As you go through the day, does something in you keep insisting you’re meant for something deeper? More you, more energizing?

You have a unique life path vision, one that  fills you with meaning and richness

You were born to discover and actualiize more of your greater potential.

Your are continually drawn to it, wonder about it ...

… but chances are you don’t embrace it. Early in life, most of us learn to ignore and minimalize our sense of purpose, and do random things that other people value instead.

It’s time to unlearn that pattern. Time to reclaim your clairvoyance, intuition and destiny. Clear the energy blocks and play with a full deck.

What To Expect at the Full Moon Circle: 

  • Be directed to your own energy and wisdom: be reconnected and refreshed with the wholeness of your spirit. 

  • Experience effective exercises to navigate through current doubts and decisions: use your gifts with gentle guided exercises.

  • Learn to use your intuition in step-by-step exercises. Make space for your brilliance and abilities to become accessible and tangible.

  • Unblock your inner compass: When you’re wavering, find your direction.

  • Building trust that your inner voice can be accessed and recognized consistently, and on demand.

  • Explore effective and simple ways to take back control: We are distracted and dis-empowered by being pulled in too many directions

Align with intuition &  tap into your higher purpose & wisdom.

Find out how!

Date: Monday, March 6, 2023
Time: 6 PM PT/ 7PM MT/8PM CT/ 9PM EST (USA) 
Cost: FREE

How to Sign-Up:​

  1. Sign-up through the form below.

  2. Receive the Zoom link and invitation via email.

  3. You'll get a friendly reminder 30 min. before the session starts.

  4. Contact me with any questions! .


Some Tips:

  • Preparation for the guided meditation & tutorial is not necessary.

  • Being in a calm environment will help you to absorb more energy and receive more intuitive signals.

  • Be as you are!!   Zoom allows you to connect from the comfort of your home.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Full Moon!

Amy Norman-Foster

PS*:   Feel free to invite others who may be interested.*

One Hour In the Full Moon Circle
We Will Share Together...

Cosmic Sky

Learn to trust your intuition!
Discover your authentic gifts, purpose and vision.

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I offer a 100% refund if you can't make it. Check your inbox now for the invite & link!

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