Show up fully for your sadness:  A Healing Heart Meditation

This is not your average everyday meditation.

This is a deep, healing experience to be approached with sacred reverence and self-compassion.

This audio will allow you to connect with unacknowledged feelings of grief and pain that block your experience of spiritual freedom and awakening to your full expression.

We start by feeling our way into the heart chakra...

acknowledging and observing the sensations. The armour we have around our soul. Then, pushing through the pain and entering the heart chakra, we approach the "turning inside out"...

of entering the soul's expansive, sensitive reality : acceptance, release, worthiness and spiritual compassion.


Receive the fullness of your true nature.

a gentle process that can be used as a daily practice or as an intensive inner-work awareness technique for letting go of blocked feelings from the past.

Please note; the healing meditation may or may not meet your expectations. The experience is not one to be burdened with control, intentions, outcomes. Which can block the energetic transformation from happening. Meaning, the energetic work is best done in the spirit of loving kindness and an open mind.


Showing up fully is all that is necessary.


However, if you feel utterly overwhelmed I whole-heartedly recommend that you find an amazing therapist that you trust, who can help you with additional professional support.

A meditation inspired by the work of Stephen Levine. You can read more about zen and the way of deep healing in his many books, including: Embracing The Beloved, and Who Dies?

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