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 Make Intuition Your Superpower
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  • Why you need to unblock & strengthen your intuition beyond the ordinary world

  •  What your intuition is really trying to tell you 

  • What ADVANCED means to your full range of abilities & gifts, both personally and professionally, for incredible growth and development!

Guided by Amy Norman-Foster

Free Webinar


June 21, 2024


Beginners Welcome

Use Your Courage, Compass & Clairvoyance

Discover what a whole spectrum of gifts that your intuition is capable of!

This live masterclass will reveal the secrets to reclaiming your inner guidance & clairvoyance so that you can stop sabotaging your personal success and stop doubting your intuition, and walk through a magical doorway to your next level potential.

This free class is perfect for you if:

  • You feel a little disconnected from your true self, lost in the overwhelm of too many choices

  • You're longing to tap into more intuitive powers, but don't know where to start

  • You've been stuck in self-doubt and now for a while, you yearn to fulfill your dreams (before it's too late)

  • You sometimes dream of a future where you are guided by an unshakable inner knowing, and your life unfolds in alignment with your true passions & authentic self.


Key Takeaways:

  • learn how to tell it's intuition, really

  • unblock your psychic energy & un-sabotage important life decisions

  • How to Increase the range of your subtle senses and realize more of your amazing superpowers

  • How to get out of analysis-paralysis and choose a life of meaning & fulfillment

Learn 3 secrets to hearing your inner guidance with crystal-clarity!


Who is this for? 

Healers, empaths, tarot readers, writers, coaches, budding psychics & aspiring intuitive people - Anyone who wants to increase their intuition and their greater range of abilities through Pro- techniques, skills and structured methods.


Register below and get all the details.


Bonus_ experience a guided intuitive exercise that will awaken your inner compass!

Don't miss your chance to Make Intuition Your Superpower!

 "next level" inspiration coming your way! 

You Rock!  Check your emails for all the info you will need to access the free workshop.

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