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  • Are you worried, indecisive, or in need of direction?

  • Spinning your wheels, standing at a fork in the road?

  • Don’t waste your time in wondering in doubt any longer.

  •  If you’ve got questions, readings have answers, girlfriend!

With a professional reading- the answers are closer than you think.

Discover your purpose, gifts and navigation!

Hi, My Name is Amy

I am an expert intuitive reader with over 30 years of experience. Trained in the Netherlands.

My gift is to see, hear and feel your situation- from multiple perspectives.

I am also a heart-centered human who cares about your happiness.  

I will connect with your soul and xpiritual guides to see what's blocking your growth, joy and abundance.

And get you clear next steps, practical insights and energy protection.


Love & Attraction Readings

Tarot Love Readings

Attracting your soulmate? Manifesting More Love from your heart space? Tarot and aura readings will give you an intimate look at how you can attract the love you crush for...

Dark Night of The Soul

Aura Energy Reading

Feeling a little lost and overwhelmed? Souls who struggle to regain their vision, Namaste and Welcome.

Biz Check-in Readings

Soul Centered Career Decisions

Get aligned in your vision and talents. Find your niche and next steps - Maximize your inspiration.

Get Unstuck Reading

Explore Your Next Chapter and Maximizing Opportunities

You have dreams. You have hopes and a deep desire to move forward with your life. To get unstuck, you need to see how to level-up with your next chapter.



 An introductory Reading + Inspirational Session at a special low price

Feeling anxious and out of energy?

Let’s take a mystical approach to what’s holding you back. See your options from a refreshing perspective, with inspirational messages that will align with your happiness, success and well-being. 

“An intuitive reading can change your life."
- I felt an immediate sense of rightness, calm and spiritual renewal."



  1. Use the CONTACT PAGE  to let me know what you’d like to look at in your reading.​

  2. I will reply with times available for your personal session within 24 hours.

  3. I use Zoom, but a regular call or email will work, too.

  4. I invoice using PayPal and Venmo, for your security and convenience. ​

  5. In a hurry? I get it, just contact me for availability!​

  6. Not sure? Don’t be shy. Go ahead and ask me anything using the CONTACT PAGE 

All readings come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No fuss, no kidding. 

I am a real person who cares about your happiness, and I am confident you are going to love this!

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