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Your Intuition


Trusting your INTUITIVE compass is an incredibly fun and transformational experience.

I'll take you step-by-step through practical intuitive skills that boost your abilities, using your six subtle senses, and utilize your chakras and inner compass to guide you.

Are you making the wrong decisions? Not sure what to do? Feeling hesitant about your next move?


Activate Your Intuition


This is my free intuitive skills masterclass where you will learn the insider's guide to:


  • Recognizing the myths that keep you stuck and indecisive.

  • 5 new ways to see your options.- with step-by-step guidance.

  • Looking clearly at what’s motivating your decision-making.

  • Learn what intuition can and can’t do for you.

  • Make decisions that are in alignment and good for you- right now. 




 I am all about using More of Your Intuitve Potential for personal growth and empowerment.

This little workshop will show you how use your intuition to tune into your inner knowing and maximize on opportunities with better intuitive decision-making skills.


------------------------------------------------------ Look,I know how it is ...

Decisions can be confusing and worrisome.


This free webinar is going to look at how your intuition works.


How to recognize its clear wisdom - even when you are stumped by analysis-paralysis.


How to eliminate the options that keep you stuck and repeating the past. 


How to activate your energy to receive fresh intuitive information- on demand.



I’ve been there.


Decisions can be confusing and hard!


Especially when you’re under pressure to get it right -because it’s too important to mess up.


It’s not your fault you haven’t been able to hear your inner compass guiding you...


Your options have become too broad , too many, too loud and demanding,

 to see the best way forward- even if it's right in front of you!

The thing is, it can get way worse:


You can end up putting things off, and putting it off,

until one day you wake up and realize you have let so many opportunities pass you by

- so many chances for happiness and personal growth -

that now it's simply too late.


Those chances are gone, because you were too scared to make that big decision.

We all have been there- but we can change that now, my friends.


Let's look more closely at how we make decisions.


  • The best decisions are not just logical, rational and earn your parents’ approval.


  • They are uniquely aligned with who you are --an intuitive and sensitive individual, living in exciting times!


Your intuition wants you to know:


  • You are ready to make your next move with clear, positive motivation.


  • You are ready to make decisions that honor who you are now.


  • And you are ready to play it out in a new way by:  ACTIVATING YOUR INTUITION


All you have to do now is click on the link  >>

watch the masterclass and get your free bonus:



You can be making better decisions intuitively- in 45 minutes into infinity.


P.S.  If this is your first time working with me, I want you to know that I will guide you step-by-step though methods that will clear up your energy to see intuitive choices with your inner vision-  using techniques I have developed with over 30 years of expert intuitive readings, development and study.


Mind-blowing stuff for sure.

Enlightening and uplifting.

Experience it now for free.

I know you're going to enjoy freeing up your energy when you let go of those options that feel heavy and no longer right for you...  use your intuition for better decision-making now.


  • Free PDF Checklist HERE

  • Free 45-minute MASTERCLASS HERE.


Welcoming you with wisdom and light,


Amy Norman-Foster 

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