What's Your Next Chapter Outline


transformation: go from feeling stuck in the same old story to finding inspiration, vision and healing to level-up your next chapter.

Meet-up One

A: Your House: a visualization to explore what you need, want and desire now and tap into an exciting vision to reach for.

B: The Akashic Library: Look into the story of your life and ask your intuition to guide you to see what really motivates you internally and externally at this point in your life. Internally, what would fulfill you? how do you want to feel? Externally, what do you want to have or achieve or receive?

Update your goals with a description of your desires.

H: Ask your intuition to guide you to focus on for resolving/upgrading/ healing this one thing.

What are you aiming for? Why that?

 Don't try to figure out how just yet. Just allow your desires, needs and and wants, be heard. Notice signs showing up. Write them down or start a vision board around the question " What's my next Chapter?"

Information: What this series will do for you and what role your intuition will play in it.

How intuition helps and what it can't do.


A: Managing your Commitment.

Go to a place where you can look at the Next Chapter for you, as a unique soul. Envision your Next Chapter 

Set the scene. Where does the story take place? Who are the characters?. Who supports and aids your vision, who does not? What does it feel like to be starting out on this adventure? Look like to start a new chapter?  What anxieties does it bring out in you?


What limiting beliefs will you tackle?

I am not good enough.

I am too... tired, young, old, unattractive.

I don't know enough.

I don't have the money or resources.

My ideas, dreams have no value.

I am unlovable. I will make a fool of myself.

Write down the limiting thoughts and beliefs that come up for you.Think in alignment with what you really want. Analyze which beliefs are worth keeping, and how your life would improve if you eliminated them.

B: Heal your inner critic. Go to a beautiful place within, where your inner child feels safe to appear. Listen to your inner child say, what I'm really feeling is the fear of being ... and listen compassionately. 

Let your inner child know that even when there are challenges to growing and evolving, you can always find a way that honors who you are. That it's time to take a chance!

 Look for ways that you can affirm that you are capable of handling each situation at its own time, as it arises.. And don't have to figure it all out in advance.

You can trust your creativity and intuition to inspire you with actions spontaneously and intelligently. 

Surround you and your inner child with an aura of concentration.

As a gesture of blessing Touch your finger to the third-eye of your inner child and say , "You have the capability to see clearly and listen to your own ideas on what to do."

I give you permission to be centered in your energy, happy, fulfilled and reach greater successes if you want to. I give you authority to choose to live your life freely, creatively, and feel fully alive.

See your inner child integrated into your wholeness and well being. draw healing, nourishment and blessings from your HS, and grounding source.


H: Create or buy a symbol of your shadow self, fears and limiting beliefs. For the next 7 days, energetically send as much love, healing and compassion as you can possibly muster. Surround your fearful past assumptions with love and healing light. Each day for a week, write down one affirmation that speaks you personally.

Such as:


A: Crossing the Threshold. Allow your intuition to take you to a place of inspiration, vision and healing for your next adventure. take an inner break from the expectations of the world, and allow yourself to travel to a place where you feel content and fulfilled.

B: Your Spirit Guides. Consult with your guides at a ceremony and allow them to show you the shadow self, fear and limiting thoughts holding you back. Look at it as an observer only. analytically. Neutral. Detached.

Q: How do you see yourself?

What don't you like about yourself?

What bothers you about others?

How do you see your shadow holding you back from taking new chances? What does that usually look like?

What do you need to work on?

See the inner vision revealed in the smoke of the sacred fire. Give it a face, or form of a symbol, or your shadow animal. As your guides hold a space of love and safety, See why you have been unable to move forward and manifest your desire.

 Draw your fear. Share your insights.

H: Write a short story based on a dilemma you are currently experiencing.

Then, make a list of what you are grateful for!

. The experiences you have had, things that support your overall well-being.  Appreciate what you have to build on.

Ask yourself, 

Am I ready to heal it and move on?


A: Many Roads Lead To Rome. Travel to a destination where you are about to manifest your heart's desire. As you look around, you notice there are many ways to get there. 

Explore each one and see what means to you in ideal scenario to experience materially, emotionally, physically, self-image, socially, mentally and creatively to grow, into the next level.

At the arrival, allow yourself to feel 100% fulfilled and your challenges resolved. Receive all the healing you need now.

Share with someone the vision.

B: Overcome What's been holding you back. Visualize your fear as a small part of yourself that just wants to keep you safe where you are. Visualize yourself in a specific challenge, taking steps successfully. See challenges arise. You figure it out... be creative,

See yourself receiving nourishment and healing from your chakras, grounding and environment.

. See your determination paying off and your goal successfully manoevered. 

H:  Debunk your limiting thinking.

The But, What If.. game.

Write an affirmation that will be your mantra for this chapter.

Analyze a habit that serves as a distraction from your personal growth and impedes your moving on to what's next. When did you develop this habit, what caused you to develop it, and how does it affect your life? How does it cause dissatisfaction and branch out?