My Journey


I've had a lifetime obsession with intuition.

My mystical life began at the age of about 7 when I had a life-changing encounter with my guardian angel at the hospital. I have always been the dreamy, Pieces princess that lived between two worlds. I never felt I belonged anywhere, except in the company of my spiritual guides.

As an Empath, I was shy, sensitive, uncomfortable around people and preferred to live in my own dreamy world.

I had to learn how to manage my ability to read people and how to protect myself from unwanted energy the hard way.

Back in the 80's there were no boundaries. And Empaths like me often became recluses and academics.



Born in Michigan, then spiritually in Maine, I began developing clairaudience and clairvoyance by spending long hours listening to the radio as a child, and picturing the stories in my mind's eye. I believe this is how I was able to see my guide when he appeared at my side that night in the hospital in 1973. My childhood was a chaotic ride from place to place, never fitting in, maybe never meant to.

 After trying academic life for a couple years at Carnegie-Mellon University, I headed to Amsterdam with some fellow music students and artists,, where I was free to let my destiny guide me. My curiosity lead me to take some retreats with amazing (and modest) spiritual teachers on the topics of connecting with your spirit guides and opening your spiritual channels by giving intuitive readings. I also decided to become a certified chakra yoga instructor, which greatly enhanced my subtle sensing abilities.

 From  1983-2012   I've worked with some incredible teachers on my journey, including ...

  • Tony Ives, A channel and mystic in Ibiza

  • Rob Obermeyer my spiritual teacher in Utrecht  5 years'  training in Chakra Yoga & Bhakti Yoga

  • Annette Van Den Berg Facilitar 4-year Aura Reading Program at the Center for Intuitive Development , Monikendam

  • Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki A true mystic and  scholar of the English traditions, incl. the Dawn  of the Golden Age

  • Jean Houston a role model for me, Jean is a renowned pioneer in the field of human potential & development 

  • Neale Donald-Walsch,  deeply moved by his books, I  had the privilege of being in his group coaching programs on a few occasions

  • Marianne Williamson has been a powerful inspiration for me at two monastic retreat settings

  • Lazaris,  I had the honor of being in the hotseat with this non-physical teacher somewhere in the 90's, whoa.

  • Michio KushiI completed the full Macrobiotic Practitioner training program in Amsterdam

  • Doreen Virtue online Angel Reader program, was sweet and joyful

  • Colette Baron-Reid Oracle Reading Program and oracle palooza is something I still look forward to each year

  • Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree where many great teachers and musicians gather for a blissful weekend of spiritual connection

 I have been teaching and giving readings for well over 30 years. My training has been continuous and very intensive. As a classical "old soul",  I have traveled to many countries and learned from many cultures and  spiritual traditions. In this lifetime, I have been drawn to Europe, Asia, and The Kumba-Mela in India. I love philosophy, pilgrimages and sacred sites.

Transformational Aura Readings are my passion and I am available by appointment via this website. You can experience the magic in the convenience of your own home by connecting with me via email or live on zoom. 

My specialty is helping you find your next chapter vision and to weigh your practical next steps.

I channel a stream of cosmic support during the readings, and you will feel a healing shift from the alignment with your higher self and guides. Clients report feeling bliss, inner peace and divine support during the sessions. You will be heard and seen by the benevolent beings who are ready  now to assist you on your path.

Readings help you make decisions. heal karma, Find meaning and direction to your true power and  Destiny.

Use the Contact page to let me know your burning questions,

I am a heart centered human with a mission to inspire and empower others on their own amazing life journey.


Amy norman-Foster

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Are you into developing your intuition, but are not sure what to do next?

Vison Quest Meditations are live 30 -interactive minute sessions where I will guide you to go one an inner vacation.

Visualize. Go within, overcome indecision, listen to your heart, increase your intuitive connection include tools for

-- Next Chapter Inspiration

- Energetic Support to overcome analysis-paralisys

- Clearing the energy blocking the  chakras

- Hear & Receive guidance, messages and aha-insights

- manage your psychic senses and awaken new abilities with effective and practical techniques.



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