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Make Intuition Your Super Power

Free intuition for your next chapter vision.

🌟 Path to Purpose: 10 Questions for Creating Your Next Level Up🌟


Feeling stuck in your personal or professional growth?

These 10 journal questions are  perfect if you want to get inspiration and guidance on your next chapter vision and right next steps!

  • Get connected to your purpose, mojo, vision.

  • Unblock your destiny with inspiration!

  • Say goodbye to uncertain goals and confusion.


Envision the life you love and move forward with more confidence.

Get your free pdf download for inspiration & intuition here.

Welcome to Purely-Intuitive

Everything you need to know about intuitive readings and development.


Alexa Young, CA

" I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions together, which made me feel comfortable to hone my intuitive skills. It made me realize I'm not crazy and I'm not alone."

Morgan James, NY

"quickly made me feel comfortable with her gentle, calm, caring, and relaxed manner. Each week brought about a new experience or personal revelation."
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Lisa Driver, MI

"I can’t think of anything that has opened me up spiritually more than this class has. Not only does it help me to think “outside” the box but it has also answered so many questions in regards to past and present experiences."

Hi, there!

My name is Amy Norman-Foster, and all my life I've had this crazy passion for intuition. (true confession)

I've dedicated decades to giving readings, intuition workshops, study. I've been super  lucky to have trained with world-class spiritual teachers and intuitive experts, globally. Including a 4- Year Intuitive Practitioner training in Holland, way back in the 90's. I am recognized as an expert intuitive reader and mentor, and my purpose is clear:


To guide sensitive people (like me)  in strengthening and structuring their intuitive range, to navigating their next life chapter, to dissolving unhelpful patterns, and actualizing their truly joyful and authentic gifts.

Join me on this transformational journey

and unlock the greater potential of your intuition with professional methods,

and mind-blowing spectrum of techniques.

How To Access Incredible Intuition 



& Coaching

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Free Webinar!

3 Dirty Little Psychic Secrets 


Are You an

Empath, Intuitive

Or Psychic?

Come First

with Professional Readings and Coaching 

  • Intuitive Readings and Coaching: do you have questions about your career, lifepath, love or startup business? I will help you find a clear vision, uncover possible limiting beliefs sabotaging your success, and look at energizing and aligned next steps that transform how you see yourself and others.

  • Intuitive Training and Development:  Our courses are for those curious and ready to greatly increase their intuition & reading abilities, give spiritual sessions, and gain coaching skills that will reveal, optimize and maximize your past, present and future life path.

  • Level-Up Your Business Offers   with1:1 clairvoyant coaching sessions, we'll explore, brainstorm and discover what to do next as a spiritual entrepreneur, how to attract aligned clients, create exciting offers, and how to position your signature sessions or courses to build your financial and business success.


"The reality is more incredible than the rumors... she does amazing work. You will find more answers in a session alone. Unbelievably accurate and amazing! Nothing like it in the many years, and I have done many readings with coaches and spiritual advisors from all over the world. Don't wait, just do it."

Gene Jackson, United States

Free Webinar


Who Else Wants to take their happiness to a whole new level


  • Unblock your inner guidance and confidence, and discover the steps that are right for you

  • Many  have described this as "life-changing," "mind-blowing," and "energizing", "encouraging"

  • Stop doubting your personal or professional growth 


Start by getting crystal clear on how to maximize your natural intuitive gifts and inner knowing- on multiple levels of wisdom.



This is a  free webinar,

where you can get a taste of your intuition in action ...


including a powerful LIVE guided meditation for guidance and inspiration on your path right now.

How to Make Intuition Your Superpower
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