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Clairvoyant Coaching To Fit Your Busy Lifestyle

Reclaim Your Clairvoyance,
Intuition and Destiny


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My mission is to create the right space for your destiny and next steps to become real. With intuition you will receive more energetic inspiration, feel more aliveness attract the right conditions for your true path and powers to actualize. With me you can stop the patterns of self-sabotage and quickly get the next steps to embody your highest path, power and purpose.

The Benefits of Clairvoyant Coaching

Professional Readings, Coaching, and Mentoring, with a little touch of magic!

Clairvoyance will help you make progress on your higher vision, effectively and oh, so meaningfully. A good aura reading is insightful. It brings you to understanding the essence of what you are doing and stimulates you to make the best choices for your greater self-potential to unfold.


You have many layers of energy in your aura. Listen in as I reflect on your thinking patterns, actions, energy blockages and deep lessons. Feel supported on how to live with confidence, strength and vitality in a magical  and healing reading session.


Past, present and future become accessible with clairvoyance. Working together we will identify your true direction, unique gifts and uncover the next steps that are right for your health, wealth and happiness.

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An incredible offer gives you  access to unlimited coaching sessions on such areas as niche clarity, attracting more aligned clients to you biz, and growth strategies for your soul-aligned business & confidence.

What is an Aura Reading?

 Your aura is your energetic radiance that shows how your physical and spiritual energies influence each other. A harmonious cooperation between these two ensures that you can use your energy optimally. When you want to expand your consciousness, it is necessary that you increasingly rid your aura (energy radiance) of psychic blocks in your energy, so that, step by step, the power of your true self can emerge.

As your awareness of yourself grows, the basic colors in your aura change. They become brighter and get more radiant.


Through an expanded consciousness, your energy gains strength and quality attributes. Aura readings: An aura reading gives you more self-understanding, which is an important step towards freeing your intuition and subtle abilities. An aura reading is an intuitive perception of the energy you now eminate, and the interaction with your environment, past, present and future. It is a stream of practical information about your aura; a snapshot against the background of the past and with references to the future. This information can be seen and picked up by others in your energy field. It offers you the opportunity to find your own answers to questions from a broader perspective.

A good aura reading is highly insightful. It brings you to the essence of what you are doing and stimulates you to make optimal choices.

Reclaim Your Clairvoyance & Wisdom

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Being an EMPATH had its drawbacks.

For years, I struggled with finding my true path,

mostly  because I was super affected by other people's thoughts, demands and energy. Satellite dish slash doormat, anyone??

Starting my 4-year training as an Aura Reader at the same time I was becoming a Yoga Instructor way back from 1995-99. With great passion for intuition discovery and learning what our intuition can do, I continued my readings and studied with some of the world's best teachers. learning deep intuitive skills and techniques for teaching at an expert level.

I finally learned how to manage and read subtle energy.

My psychic abilities took off like a rocket.

I began coaching with my clairvoyant abilities turned fully on in 2001, using  methods that are effective for making decisions, clarifying multiple choices, tapping into spiritual inspiration and guidance on how to live your highest path.


In a clairvoyant session, your visions, choices and projects become 100% aligned with clear, do-able steps that work for you to self-actualize and find deep meaning.

Coaching is the most powerful way to level- up I know of,

 because you are immediately feel aligned energetically to act in ways that embody the energies your true dreams are made of.


If you are feeling stuck, worried and have been spinning your wheels over-thinking your next steps, this session is perfect for you!

  • Get a crystal-clear on your direction.

  • Uncover possible self-sabotaging patterns that are holding you back from moving forward.

  •  Come away feeling aligned, energized and inspired.

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"... everything I have experienced with Amy, from personal readings to classes and events has been remarkable. This was no exception! The lessons, practice sessions and activities were well planned and beautifully facilitated. The outcome has been nothing short of transformative for me. I am seeing the effects of greater clarity of guidance from my higher self and confidence and trust in my knowing. Truly magical!" 

Happy Clients


" Among them my tremendous appreciation for what you do. And for your invitation to the class. I only wish someone had said these things to me so many years ago! I can't imagine what life would be like if I'd heard that kind of language and acknowledgement when I was 14, and 21, and 32, and so on. "

Happy Woman


" Amy's training was INCREDIBLY valuable and she created such a beautiful, supportive and powerful space for us to learn, practice, and grow. I feel more confident in approaching readings for people and in understanding how to clearly and ethically navigate and share what comes through. Every question I had was answered in a way that reflects her decades of experience as a reader and the wealth of knowledge she has gained from all of her trainings and studies. I absolutely recommend her training to anyone no matter where you're starting - from novice to someone who is already a practiced reader. "

Aura Readings

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